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Mixcloud Reposts

If you are using Mixcloud to market your radio shows, podcasts or DJ mix, you probably already know that it is important to be active and post as regularly as possible. Just as for blogs or social media, you should ideally create an editorial plan for your contributions. You don't have to constantly upload new posts; you can use the Repost button to republish older posts. It's best to do this for a DJ mix or podcast that has been particularly well received by your followers.

If you have several accounts on Mixcloud, you can also use the Repost function across accounts. This method is also popular in networks where everyone agrees to share the contributions of network partners in their own feed. A third and particularly important aspect of reposting is that listeners may like a mix or show so much that they click on the repost or share button located below the sound waves. The symbol for this is two arrows that form a square.

Since Mixcloud shows how often a post has been shared, reposting is an important ranking tool that shouldn't be neglected. However you shouldn't repost your own posts at too short intervals. It is important that the reposting be done by others. The longer and more often a contribution is shared, the greater its importance for the overall ranking of your channel.

If, on the other hand, listeners don't repost and you're not part of a strong network that can guarantee a sufficient number of reposts internally, it's time for a new strategy, namely buying your reposts.

The sense in buying reposts may not be apparent at first. Why pay for something that is free? The answer is that, if you want to ensure your channel doesn't fade away, but rather appears lively and up-to-date, you have to remind your followers and prospective customers again and again of its existence. And in as unobtrusive a way as possible, so that listeners get the impression that your contributions are continuously shared by others without you asking. And this is where the strategy of buying reposts comes into play. Because when you buy reposts, you are buying them from real Mixcloud members. These members do not necessarily become your followers, but by reposting they set a process in motion that quickly gains a life of its own. You can see this for yourself by buying reposts online from us and watching what happens to the posts that are shared.

As an experienced marketing agency, we can also predict what will happen in 99.9% of cases. Contributions that, thanks to our assistance, have already achieved lots of reposts are also more frequently shared by other followers and members.

The reasons are obvious, but since we humans prefer to see ourselves as courageous individualists rather than herd animals, they are not sufficiently taken into account. As an artist, you are well versed in music, have developed your own style, and pursue your own agenda. But as far your audience is concerned, these traits apply only to a limited extent.

While everyone wants to be there at the start of something new and no one wants to miss important trends, most people are afraid of embarrassing themselves if they share something that is not well received by friends or network partners. So most users just wait and see what happens when a new mix is uploaded. If a track or a show is widely shared, people repost it with enthusiasm. If this doesn't happen, people go on to the next mix.

Purchased reposts are like bait on a fishing hook. This is the reality. As a professional social media and creative marketing agency, we simply have to deal with these tools in a realistic way and, if you want to get your Mixcloud marketing off to a successful start, we encourage you to do the same.

Buying reposts is one thing; using the tailwind they give to your account is quite another. Without knowing what you have already achieved on Mixcloud, it is of course difficult for us to give specific advice on how to do this. In general, however, you should also pursue other forms of interaction on Mixcloud and keep tabs on how many followers you have, how many likes you get, who is talking about your work and so on.

Also remember that these interactions do not take place on a one-way street. On Mixcloud you are part of a diverse network of artists. But if you see them as co-competitors whom you want to overtake, rather than as opponents in need of elimination, then using Mixcloud will be more fun for you and your followers. Because then you'll have the chance to give back what you receive in terms of interactions and thereby build up a lively interactive channel.

Most people confuse online marketing, and especially Mixcloud marketing, with looking in a mirror. However, you do not repost your contributions for your own benefit but so that others can evaluate and further share these contributions.

And that's exactly how you should behave towards the contributions you like on Mixcloud. Those who only work for themselves in isolation also miss out on another huge opportunity that Mixcloud offers: to engage with the work, styles and methods of other talented artists, and thereby to grow as an artist yourself.

Because as important as reposts are, many artists also use Mixcloud as a kind of photo album or diary in which they browse from time to time to find out how they have changed and grown.

You can and should delegate reposting by buying reposts from us. We cannot be responsible for your personal and artistic development, but we are convinced that Mixcloud is an excellent medium for artists.

You can buy reposts from us online in various package sizes. Just let us know how many you need and which contributions they should be assigned to, so that we can initiate the reposts immediately we receive your order.