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Mixcloud Plays

The music streaming service Mixcloud works like a radio, where listeners tune in not to a station but to the music, talk shows or podcasts that appeal to them. Mixcloud is free to use, but you can upgrade from a free basic account to a paid-for, ad-free subscription.

In 2018, Mixcloud also began rolling out the Mixcloud Select feature, which allows followers to subscribe to channels at a price set by the artists themselves. Mixcloud sets a monthly minimum fee of €2.99 for this service.

Successful Mixcloud marketing consists of achieving as many plays, likes and reposts as possible from followers on the platform. At the beginning this was relatively easy, but Mixcloud has since passed the one million curator mark (curators are members who upload shows or mixes). DJs who include a musician or a band in their mix are promoters who contribute to the track gaining popularity.

In order for Mixcloud channels and contributions to gain popularity, a high number of plays is required. The statistics that Mixcloud provides for each post publicly show how often a mix has been played. Mixcloud's algorithm registers whether and how often a mix is heard. Mixes that achieve a lot of plays increase their ranking and improve their chances of being recommended by Mixcloud.

For your Mixcloud marketing strategy, the crucial issue is how to receive lots of plays as quickly as possible after upload. One way is quite simple: you can buy Mixcloud plays. This is something we, as an online marketing agency with a focus on the creative industries, can help you to do, and in exactly the numbers you need for the Mixcloud algorithm.

Once you've become familiar with the platform, it should be obvious why you can't ignore the strategy of buying plays. The algorithm and the number of your existing contributions play a role here, but so too does the length of the mixes. One mix on Mixcloud usually has a playback time of one to two hours. Even if a listener were to play it 24 hours a day, the maximum number of plays would be 12 to 24. Given the large number of streams that are added daily, this is a very small number.

To ensure your contributions to Mixcloud do not go unlistened to, you need a marketing strategy. By buying plays, you lay the foundation for

  • more attention,
  • more followers,
  • more organically generated plays.

For unknown DJs, buying plays is therefore a good opportunity to get a ranking that the community will notice. But established DJs, who also need to maintain an online presence, can also benefit. When you buy plays, success becomes concrete and measurable in figures, preferably in numbers that correspond to your number of followers or your previous levels of popularity.

Needless to say, buying plays will not in itself make you a star. But it will help prepare the ground. So even if you do buy plays, you need to stay on the ball and create playlists or tracks that will be well received and frequently accessed by your target audience.

Plays, likes and other scores that are displayed on Mixcloud are like the packaging that creates an incentive for customers to buy a certain product. You should make this packaging as attractive as possible through your Mixcloud marketing so that the community becomes curious as to what the packaging contains.


Mixcloud is a platform that is mainly about listening. However, this does not mean that you cannot change the appearance of your contributions and your channel as part of your marketing strategy. This is especially true if at some point you are able to activate the Mixcloud Select option. Here you have to present yourself as well as possible, so that your sound mixes attract paying subscribers.

Currently (February 2019) Mixcloud Select is only available for selected Mixcloud members. It is still unclear when and under what conditions this function will be enabled for all users. The assumption is that here too the algorithm makes the pre-selections, because ultimately the streaming service cannot afford to become a subscription platform that includes irrelevant tracks contributed by just anyone, even if Mixcloud itself were not the intermediary of these subscriptions and earned nothing from them.

Despite the innovations, nothing much will change in the future. You will still need lots of plays. If this is not happening for you, you should adopt a strategy of buying plays.

After all, it should also be clear that more important than the revenue you earn via Mixcloud is the engagement of the community you reach. Because although Mixcloud is distributing royalties and enabling channel subscriptions, the revenue does not go solely to you as the owner of the account. It will also be distributed among the creators of the music you have included in your mix.

What remains for you is not enough to live on. Therefore when thinking about your Mixcloud marketing, remember first and foremost that your publicly visible stats must add up. Buying plays will help significantly in this respect.

You can buy plays online from registered users of the platform. As soon as you have placed your order, we will start to arrange the plays in the desired form within a very short time.

Compared to other marketing strategies, the investment is low, as it starts directly at the source and does not involve posters, TV advertising or online banners. If you do use such advertising media in parallel as part of your marketing mix, the number of plays on Mixcloud can of course be easily integrated.