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Mixcloud Likes

More than 15 million contributions have already been uploaded to the online streaming service Mixcloud and the number is growing every day. Being represented on Mixcloud is therefore especially important for DJs who want to increase their reach.

But the more contributions and contributors there are on Mixcloud, the more difficult it becomes to stand out through quality alone. It is therefore indispensable that you, as a DJ, talk show host or podcast producer, devise a well thought-out marketing strategy. The relevant figures here when you start out are the key figures that the platform itself provides and that are also visible to the owners of free basic accounts. These include

  • the plays that a mix has had.
  • likes or favourites awarded (represented by the heart icon).
  • reposts or shares by followers and listeners.

From all this data, Mixcloud's algorithm calculates a value that determines

  • which position your tracks or mixes are displayed at in the country rankings,
  • to whom your latest mixes are recommended.

The first rule in Mixcloud marketing is therefore that it's not just about gaining lots of followers or plays, but about the ratio of the key figures to one other. That probably sounds a bit abstract now, but will become clearer if you go to the Mixcloud home page and scroll down. Under the heading "Trending radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts" you will find the current top listed contributions sorted by country. Below the wave shape of the contribution concerned there is a statistic that shows you how many plays a mix has achieved since upload.

If you compare the numbers of several contributions, you will notice that three-digit numbers (next to the headphone symbol) can cause a contribution to be listed high up but that further down there are other listings with higher play counts.

For example, a contribution with 300 plays can be positioned above a contribution with 3,000 plays, provided - and this is the decisive factor - it has received a high number of likes. In online marketing, this is referred to as the engagement rate. To determine this rate, the number of interactions (likes, favourites or reposts) is divided by the number of plays. Only then do you get a figure that tells you something about the popularity of a track.

Once you have understood this process, you realise why it can be so crucial for your Mixcloud marketing that you buy likes. Because by buying favourites, you are rapidly improving your engagement rate. And this is the only way that even channels with a low number of followers, or with music that is aimed at a small target group, can manage to be included in the top recommendations.

Stars and international production companies have long relied on large-scale and expensive Mixcloud marketing to improve their rankings. Now you too can boost your rankings and make a big impact for little cost by buying Mixcloud likes and adding them to your plays. Or you can buy Mixcloud favourites or plays; the crucial consideration is to get the ratio right.

If the ratio is right, you don't have to worry about criticism that it's unprofessional to buy Mixcloud likes. Because either Mixcloud marketing is available to everyone or it isn't. In fact, for professional Mixcloud marketing, such strategies are indispensable.

This is also evident from the new Mixcloud Select function, which enables artists to offer paid subscriptions directly to their followers. The paying subscribers will then be able to access additional features that are not available on the Basic account; for example, they can listen to subscribed streams offline.

But as great as Mixcloud Select is, it does have a significant disadvantage. It is initially only available to selected members. If you are not one of them, this means that, by the time your channel is finally activated for Select, many subscribers will be excluded.

However, since one can assume that, for a fee of at least €2.99, followers will only take out a limited number of subscriptions, a large part of the cake will already be distributed by the time all other channels are activated. In your Mixcloud marketing, you must therefore continue to focus on strategies that are actually available and cost-effective.

One such strategy is to buy likes. All the more so as the new functions can also lead to a general reduction in the number of likes assigned by listeners. Premium subscriptions also change the expectations of the community. If you continue to upload music for free with a basic account and do not offer the extended functions (e.g. complete track lists), you run the risk that the popularity of your channel will drop and likes will be forthcoming. For this reason too it will become increasingly important in the future to take countermeasures by buying favourites.

If this is done to the correct extent and you use a reputable agency specialising in Mixcloud marketing, it is difficult to argue against it. Because with us you are buying likes from real fans. This does not mean that they will also become your followers; we and you cannot influence this just by buying favourites. But it does mean that you can be sure that no bots will interfere with your account.

If you have created a good ratio between followers and favourites, you can expand your marketing further by using other functions. Take the opportunity to present yourself to millions of people and become active by building networks, finding friends and making others happy with likes and reposts

As has been proved on Mixcloud and other platforms, living communities thrive on the commitment of their members for the benefit of all. You can repay the benefit of optimising your engagement rate simply by sharing your knowledge of Mixcloud marketing with friendly DJs, talkshow hosts or podcast producers and helping them to succeed.