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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Mixcloud Follower

Gaining more followers is probably the aim of everyone with a Mixcloud profile. And many such users would love to know the best way to go about it. Many people love using social media but lack a strategy for getting the best out of them. They have a passion for content – music, podcasts, radio broadcasts etc. – but don't understand how to market it, especially on Mixcloud.

Are you dissatisfied with the results your Mixcloud marketing has brought you so far? Do the numbers of likes, reposts and followers that you have been able to achieve not reflect the effort you are putting in?

Then you are probably much closer to the solution than you suspect. Because the first step to finding a solution is recognising that you have a problem.

You should take action swiftly if:

  • You have uploaded a mix or a podcast again, but your followers have not increased.
  • You have already achieved some good results with your Mixcloud marketing, but progress has now stalled or your numbers may even be declining.

In such cases, you should quickly change strategy by buying Mixcloud followers. This will halt the decline and stabilise your account.

The next step is to raise your Mixcloud marketing to a professional level. It's not easy, but if you get into it, it'll be fun and help you take yourself and your needs more seriously. Because all too often on the Internet, artists can disappear down a rabbit hole and lose sight of their ultimate aim, which is to market themselves.

But it is not just about impressing people with your stats. It's about your music, your style, your success. So how can you boost your Mixcloud marketing without having to constantly buy followers?

As you may have noticed, Mixcloud suggests channels or posts to you and other users, based on your listening habits and who you have already subscribed to. Mixcloud, like any service of this kind, tracks all your activities on the platform. As they say, data is the new gold. But in this case, if you know how to influence this data and its use, you can act as a gold digger yourself.

What you first need for your marketing strategy is a profile that has been carefully created to match your music and type. And no, pictures of your cat, or you and your mate in a bar, will not cut it here. Ask someone who knows you and understands you and your music to photograph you as they see you. Or invest in some professional shots.

Pictures and texts can tell a story your followers are interested in. So add a short biography to your profile. Don't simply attach your CV. What you need is an engaging short profile in which you can highlight important stages that have influenced your art and development. Think "I" as rarely as possible. Think about what your followers might really be interested in, or what you have in common with them.

If you have overcome this hurdle, your marketing strategy is underway. Now it's time to get away from you as a person and optimise the presentation of your work. Is it tagged, i.e. provided with meaningful catchwords that people who might like your music are looking for? Have you inserted a track list? Do you use the the tool that allows you to stamp individual tracks with a time stamp so that they are easier to find? Are you familiar with the potential of Mixcloud Select?

If you're unsure whether your current marketing will lead to your shows, podcasts or mixes being found, just imagine what you'd be looking for yourself in order to find your music. Ask your friends for their opinion as well.

Last but not least you should create a timetable for future posts and uploads, showing who you will interact with and how you will market yourself on social media. Set yourself goals and think about how you will achieve and measure them.

But remember, this kind of marketing takes time and effort and demands constant dialogue with your fans and followers. You should therefore continue to buy followers. By influencing the algorithm in this way, you will keep your account buoyant until it has built its own momentum.

If you adhere rigorously to your schedule, but also adapt it flexibly where necessary, the day will come when you will notice that your number of followers is growing organically. By buying followers, you can set this process in motion, because followers congregate where others have already arrived and stayed. But only a sustained and purposeful marketing strategy will get you to this stage.

You can buy followers from us on account in any quantity. Simply order online. Once your order is received, we will provide you with the followers you have requested. If your channel is stabilised in this way, you can start with the measures mentioned. If it takes a little longer than expected for more followers to appear of their own accord, you can order more followers from us at any time.