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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

How to increase the number of shares of your LinkedIn posts

If you’ve already gained a high standing in your sector, you usually don’t have to worry about the number of followers on LinkedIn or other social networks. When someone is famous, followers come by themselves – even without intensive LinkedIn marketing. However, LinkedIn could theoretically downgrade a Bill Gates or a Dieter Zetsche on the ranking list. This always happens if posts or articles that you contribute are not liked or shared by anyone.

However, particularly the posts of the big influencers on LinkedIn are characterised by being read, viewed and shared by many people. This is also due to the fact that LinkedIn is differs markedly from other networks in terms of influencers: you don’t become an official influencer there by achieving high follower numbers, but by being nominated one by LinkedIn through placement in its annually published “Top Voices” list. Statistics are also important here. However, it’s primarily the quality of posts and interactions that make the LinkedIn marketing of such profiles something special.

For, the same principle holds true for all accounts: the goal is to network, to communicate with one another, to build up a community that’s united by common interests, perspectives, passions or professions. This is made possible by excellent content.

This process becomes clearly visible when other users share your posts – i.e. if they feel they’re meaningful enough to be given LinkedIn post shares. Are you still a long way from that point? Or do you find the process too slow or too sporadic? Then you can simply try to get things moving by integrating the strategy of buying LinkedIn shares into your LinkedIn marketing.

Use the LinkedIn publishing platform

One way to increase your LinkedIn shares is to publish posts through LinkedIn’s publishing platform. In the beginning, this was only available to selected members for LinkedIn marketing – but since 2015, it can be used by any LinkedIn member. However, it has retained its essential character as a platform for people who enhance the community’s knowledge or experience. It’s therefore best to only contribute posts on relevant topics about which you are particularly knowledgeable. The kinds of posts that are popular are those that are written in clear, unequivocal language and address a new, unusual or previously unknown topic or state of affairs.

Maybe you’re currently using new methods to increase the number of your job applicants, or experimenting with operational changes relating to the topic of “New Work”? Then tell people about it, and incorporate your knowledge and experience into your LinkedIn marketing. You can also use LinkedIn's publishing platform to publish reposts from your blog. Many bloggers report that they’ve been able to significantly improve their outreach both on the platform and beyond it by publishing specialised articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

Experience shows that if your posts on the publishing platform are well received, the number of likes and comments will be high. In addition, there’s also a chance that you’ll be further shared via the LinkedIn channels, which would represent a huge gain for your LinkedIn marketing. Unfortunately, the same rule applies here too: i.e. that the posts of users who’ve already attained many followers and interactions attract more attention than those of other members. So, in addition to the option of buying LinkedIn shares, you need to find other helpful strategies to build up your LinkedIn marketing in a targeted way.

500+ or groups: what’s more important for LinkedIn marketing?

Another distinctive feature of the LinkedIn network is that the public display of follower numbers is limited to 500. If you have more than 500 followers, this is only indicated by a plus sign augmenting the figure 500. At first, this sounds quite reasonable as, after all, in LinkedIn marketing shouldn’t only be about who receives the most followers or LinkedIn shares. However, this also creates a certain fixation on the 500+. So, if someone has 499 followers, the number seems somehow “incomplete” and so carries less weight than the 500-plus accounts. As a result, post shares often fail to materialise. In this case, use the option of buying LinkedIn shares to additionally promote important posts.

On the other hand, try to not focus exclusively on the numbers of followers in your LinkedIn marketing. Instead, increase your visibility by actively participating in groups. However, LinkedIn’s own basic rule here is that groups are not intended for self-promotion. So, you can only indirectly advertise in groups by participating in discussions, contributing your experience and knowledge, or raising exciting questions to get other members interested in you and your business or talent.

If you take this into account, LinkedIn groups are an excellent tool for your overall LinkedIn marketing activities. However, you can only buy LinkedIn shares for your own accounts: this strategy is not suitable for groups that you don’t manage yourself. However, that won’t matter if your own posts are obviously eliciting a great response outside the groups too. You can enhance that positive impression by buying LinkedIn shares.

Share your knowledge in appropriate language

As already mentioned, the quality of your content on LinkedIn is extremely important. People with expert knowledge often think that this means complex content and interconnections – and basically, there’s some truth in that. However, if you look at the posts of influencers who achieve a wide outreach and many shares for their LinkedIn marketing, you’ll find that their posts aren’t written in complicated language and don’t expound on the entire universe to explain one planet, so to speak.

In fact, the art of getting lots of LinkedIn shares lies in explaining or presenting something with a great deal of expertise in a simple and comprehensible way. After all, on LinkedIn you can already assume that you’re writing for an audience that is familiar with the terms and basic principles of your sector. So, if you've figured out how to improve some detail of autonomous driving or speech recognition software, you don’t have to explain the entire system behind it.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should design your LinkedIn marketing as if you were lecturing at a university. To achieve your goal of getting more LinkedIn shares, write in an accurate, factual, well-researched way, but without making it exhausting or boring to follow your explanations. You’ll sometimes have greater, and sometimes less, success in doing this – so don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure, which can at worst lead to writer’s block. After all, you know that if something important doesn’t completely succeed, you still have the option of buying LinkedIn shares.

Are your posts being shared, commented on and liked or is anyone taking issue with the content? Congratulations! Because you now have the opportunity of strengthening your LinkedIn marketing by engaging in intensive social interaction. This will enable you to gradually find precisely those followers that you want, and to experience your LinkedIn marketing as not only a challenging, but also a rewarding experience.