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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Every like a strike – interactions for your LinkedIn marketing

To be able to operate professional LinkedIn marketing, you should always bear in mind the special character of this network. LinkedIn has a clear thematic focus in its professional orientation. However, LinkedIn does not seek to be an anonymous employment market, let alone a job exchange. It’s therefore important to keep the right balance between professionalism and personality in your LinkedIn marketing. However, if you contribute exciting posts, sometimes bringing in your emotional or private side, that will increase the number of likes that your posts receive. Or are you currently not yet able to do this in the way you hoped? In that case, you still have the option of buying LinkedIn Likes.

However, you should also implement this strategy of buying LinkedIn Likes wisely. You can, of course, decide before buying which of your posts should receive more likes. Take advantage of this option by buying LinkedIn Likes for particularly high-quality, exciting, informative posts that you think have received too little recognition in the newsfeed.

Buying LinkedIn Likes for posts is therefore a particularly good strategy for content that:

  • puts you and your company in an impressive light
  • contains great know-how or expert knowledge that you’ve acquired in your profession
  • inspires liking and support for you as a person, as a company or as a candidate looking for a vacancy

Because unfortunately, the best posts sometimes get overlooked in the newsfeed.

We all make mistakes – we just shouldn't leave it at that

It becomes clear why it can also be advisable to buy LinkedIn Likes once you’ve familiarised yourself with the LinkedIn algorithm. Unlike Apple or Google, Microsoft, which has owned LinkedIn for several years, is quite generous with information on this point. It is therefore well known that LinkedIn places great value on ensuring that the content and form of your posts are in keeping with the character of its career platform. In order to be able to guarantee this to its community, posts are examined much more closely. For example, Facebook users know that it’s usually futile to report a post there as spam, as that rarely results in any action. LinkedIn has a different approach: here, spam messages are entered into the algorithm. And the network itself can also block posts or simply make them disappear if it suspects they are spam. It goes without saying how much your LinkedIn marketing would suffer from this.

"Spam" doesn’t just refer to bombarding the community with posts or messages about little blue pills. On LinkedIn, posts can be regarded as spam if you don’t hit the right note or upload images and videos of poor quality. If this has already happened to you and has resulted in your latest posts no longer being displayed to certain users, you won’t just lose outreach, but your interactions will also be significantly reduced – which perpetuates the downward spiral. You can counteract this trend by buying LinkedIn Likes, and using them to gain the time and opportunity to get your LinkedIn marketing back on track.

Define and pursue personal goals

But just what is the right note on LinkedIn? What are relevant posts, and how can you ensure that your posts are shown on many feeds? In general, it’s impossible to answer these questions, as there will of course be different rules and modes of behaviour in different professional circles. At all events, you’ll get closer to the answers if you clearly define the goals you’re pursuing with your LinkedIn marketing. What target group do you want to interest in your posts? For what reason and/or with what intention are you posting pictures, videos and texts?

You must thereby distinguish between short-term and long-term objectives. In the short term, your goal is to get as many followers and likes or shares as possible. Your long-term goal is different, as you’re not conducting the LinkedIn marketing as an end in itself.

Let's say you’re a recruiter for an international company for which you're supposed to find the best executives in the “war for talent”. Your prime objective is to track these people down. To achieve this, you have to make a lot of small steps and big leaps, which are likewise defined as milestones.

You have to make the right connections, post content in different languages, work out why suitable applicants will have a dream career at your particular company, and so on. It would certainly be useful to integrate tools into the LinkedIn marketing that take interested applicants directly to the job profile or the application form.

All of these are objectives that need to be carefully thought through and implemented appropriately. To make your efforts pay off, you not only need a lot of followers, but also need to generate plenty of interactions so that your posts repeatedly appear in the newsfeeds. Likes represent such interactions. If they fail to materialise from time to time, add more by buying LinkedIn Likes.

A clear principle: It’s not you who seeks to benefit. Others benefit from you!

Use platforms like LinkedIn for your professional or commercial marketing and familiarise yourself with all the available tools and services of the network. Adapt each post to the specific needs of the network, the algorithm and the people on the screen or display. Regarding the display – please also bear in mind that LinkedIn is available for mobile devices, and check the impression that your account, your logo and your profile image creates on small displays.

In order to achieve many likes, it can also be helpful to remember the following basic principle for LinkedIn marketing: it’s not you who seeks to benefit from other accounts by following them. Instead, you want to develop so much power of attraction that other users feel it will benefit them to follow you and to like your posts. By buying LinkedIn Likes, you boost this process.

Ultimately, however, social networks are also about striking the right balance between giving and taking. So, pay attention to the quality of your followers and the quality of the accounts you follow. Connect with people and companies that in your view deserve to likewise achieve a wide outreach in LinkedIn marketing, and give back what you’ve received yourself: likes, shares and comments.

Not every account on LinkedIn belongs to well-known executives or large corporations – and that's a good thing. Even start-ups that don’t yet have a big fan base, as well as “people like you and me” are represented on LinkedIn. And of course, we also offer such users a chance to buy LinkedIn Likes – in the precise quantity that best suits your account and your budget.