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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Start groups and gain LinkedIn members

Networking always means sharing experiences and knowledge. The point here is to achieve the right balance between giving and taking, which is why it’s important to look for network partners who are on an equal footing with you – i.e. those from whom you can learn and to whom you can teach something.

On LinkedIn, groups fulfil this function of networking. Here, people come together who, in addition to the general LinkedIn marketing, share an interest in certain topics, expertise and industry knowledge. In some of these groups, however, the number of members is already in the five-figure range, which makes it difficult to still talk about networks. If you want to share your own posts mainly through groups and hope that your posts will achieve a wide outreach through them, large groups are an advantage. However, the posts must then meet high standards too.

If you want to intensively cultivate connections via LinkedIn groups or to first try out your posts and interactions, it’s advisable to join smaller groups or to start up a group yourself, which means that you must first look for connections or followers who would be eligible to become members. If you’ve had a limited number of these in your contact list up to now, you can alternatively buy LinkedIn members. Even though buying LinkedIn members doesn’t yet provide you with the connections in your group who actively participate in your topics, it does however support the development of the group, as experience shows that the more members already join either when groups are first started or soon afterwards, the more rapidly groups grow. You can buy LinkedIn members from us in inexpensive package sizes that contain only registered LinkedIn users.

Publicly findable standard group or non-findable closed group?

Not all groups on LinkedIn are accessible to everyone. Some organisations run groups specifically for their members and use LinkedIn as a platform to organise them, for the sake of simplicity. Other groups allow members only on request and also do not want to be findable via the search engines. In a sense, both are in keeping with the networking concept.

However, if you want to use groups for your LinkedIn marketing, it’s more helpful to set up a publicly visible group, at least initially. This means that discussions between members can’t be seen from outside the group but makes it easier for the individual members to invite and add new members (first-level connections) themselves. In addition, the existence of the group will be displayed in searches internally or externally. As long as there’s still plenty of room for new members, you should select the standard public group option. If you want to buy LinkedIn members, it also only works with public groups.

In any case, whether public or not, the LinkedIn algorithm gets an inside view of the activities of a group. According to the platform operators themselves, the algorithm focuses mainly on the social interactions within a group – i.e. on tags and comments. Having many members and interacting with their posts also means that this has an effect on your own newsfeed, which not only acquires a wider outreach but also topic-appropriate suggestions. So, the deeper you want to get into LinkedIn marketing, with all its fascinating possibilities, the more essential it is that you take part in groups or to start up groups yourself. You should then focus on finding members of a quality that can benefit the group. You can delegate the purely statistical task of filling the group with randomly selected members to us, by buying LinkedIn members.

Even without direct advertising: groups with many members bring marketing advantages

In principle, starting up a group on LinkedIn has a beneficial effect on your LinkedIn marketing – provided, of course, that you’re able to motivate the group to have a lively exchange. This applies with regard to the algorithm and to people who follow you or who are on your contact list – as the fact that you’re leading a group with many members already means that you have sufficient social and professional recognition. And it can of course also mean that you are giving proof of precisely those qualities and talents that are also demanded of you professionally. If the number of members isn’t sufficient to put your activities in a positive light in the long run, you can ensure that you don’t suffer any loss of reputation by buying LinkedIn members.

The rules that LinkedIn lays down for groups include, in particular, that no self-promotion should be carried out there. Therefore, don’t post your company’s next discount campaign in groups. There should, however, be no objection if you occasionally bring in a reference to your company or service in a suitable place. You can augment a topic-appropriate post in this manner, with a brief introduction about what you or your company are currently engaged in or what you’re working on. You should preferably choose topics with positive associations for your LinkedIn marketing. However, it’s usually not necessary to state what or whom you represent anyway, as often members who are interested in a particular topic already know each other from working in the same sector or, of course, develop a closer acquaintance via the network.

Gather knowledge of your target group

Finally, you should regard groups on LinkedIn not just as a platform on which you present yourself in the context of your LinkedIn marketing, but also from the perspective that they offer you the opportunity:

  • to be informed about the questions, special focus and concerns of members who exchange information on products, knowledge or services in their field.
  • to be able to get to know your target group better in groups.
  • to find new business partners and customers in B2B groups.

In order for lively discussion and communication to take place in your group, you should frequently provide appropriate inspirational input as an administrator or active member. This can take the form of posts or reposts, or surveys, statistics, short statements or open questions that invite discussion.

As the group activities aren’t visible from outside the group, you can increase the group’s findability by giving it a clear name and a clear description of its special topic. Clear rules also make it easier to carry out group activities.

In order to make the group more attractive to people outside it, you can occasionally buy LinkedIn members, as the more members a group has on LinkedIn, the greater the interest it generally attracts. If you want to change the status of your group to closed at any time, that’s possible too. However, you will then no longer be able to buy any more LinkedIn members for that group. However, you probably won't need to do that anymore, because once a lively group exchange has developed through your LinkedIn marketing, it very rarely happens that such a group disbands again or that members leave it en masse.