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Buying podcast subscribers – not a strategy for everyone

How does one gain more podcast subscribers on iTunes? The number of posts on this topic alone shows how the strong the podcast trend currently is. Unfortunately, however, not all the tips given on this are really helpful, as they’re often as general and vague as the following: “You will gain new subscribers for your podcast if you already have a lot of subscribers before you post your podcasts.” That’s easy to say, but it doesn’t explain how exactly this works in iTunes marketing.

However, it’s no accident that you come across such absurd statements when searching for tips on iTunes marketing. What it expresses is the everyday madness that we tend to block out when we use platforms that are controlled by algorithms. These do admittedly offer subscribers to streaming services considerable advantages by recording their preferences and presenting personalised suggestions to them. At the same time, however, they prevent fair competition: because anyone who doesn’t yet have any podcast subscribers will have difficulty activating them before starting their first podcasts. This calls for other solutions for iTunes marketing that meet this need and offer a concrete solution. One such solution is that you can buy iTunes podcast subscribers.

Buying iTunes podcast subscribers means taking yourself and your goals seriously. Not by trying to whitewash statistics in order to just sit back and relax, but by initially adopting the only position from which it’s possible to start working with iTunes at all.

Why conducting your own “experiments” in buying followers aren’t meaningful

As you may already have read, the strategy of buying iTunes podcast subscribers comes from the USA and is catching on more and more here as well. Countless bloggers and influencers, as well as podcasters, are reporting experiences they had with their own experiments in buying iTunes podcast subscribers. These reports usually contain one or more common denominators:

  • They claim that the purchase was only carried out as an experiment, as a service for the follower, so to speak, and that there was no intention of gaining any advantages through it.
  • They come to the conclusion that it works, that your ranking improves if you buy iTunes podcast subscribers (or Instagram followers, Facebook Likes, etc.).
  • They state that it’s not a permanent solution.
  • As a substitute for your iTunes marketing, they offer you their own service or their high market value as influencers in order to increase your outreach, your ranking or your sales figures via iTunes podcasts.

However, as transparent as such methods are, the assumptions from which one starts here are equally wrong: because the first action you should take if you’re intending to buy iTunes podcast subscribers is to check your intentions. What exactly do you want to achieve? With whom? And how will purchasing subscribers help you to achieve that? Don’t experiment – choose a direction that’s suitable for your purposes.

So, if you’re dreaming of becoming a shooting star among the influencers overnight by purchasing iTunes podcast subscribers, but apart from that all you do is look over your shoulder at the selfie camera, forget it. Becoming an influencer means a lot of work. Don't even try to impress anyone with the pure number of bought subscribers for your iTunes marketing. If, however, you use the strategy skilfully and without false intentions and goals, it is worth a mint.

How to apply the strategy of purchasing iTunes podcast subscribers correctly

If the strategy of purchasing iTunes podcast subscribers is successful in the USA, why not apply it in your country as well? As an experienced online marketing agency, we‘ve studied this question intensively. The only risks that arise if the strategy is applied incorrectly are, for example, if you:

  • buy what are called “bots” instead of real subscribers.
  • rely on pointless advice like: “You have to generate subscribers before you can generate any subscribers.”
  • conduct your own “experiments” with the intention of only improving your statistics without also adapting your overall iTunes marketing.

You should therefore first completely rule out these three risk factors by:

  • only buying real iTunes podcast subscribers.
  • obtaining advice, if necessary, from professional agencies that are successfully engaged in iTunes marketing themselves and can therefore give you concrete suggestions.
  • also optimising your iTunes marketing and your podcast production, to ensure that it doesn’t simply remain a temporary whitewashing of your statistics.

Quality, added value, an optimal listening or viewing experience for your subscribers – these are the features that your podcasting needs to exhibit in order for it to even have a chance of making it on iTunes. However, you won’t be able to avoid also getting to grips with the function of algorithms. Feeling annoyed about it would be like getting upset that the sky is blue and the grass is green. Things are as they are, so you’d be well advised to conduct iTunes marketing with a little composure and realism.

What else you can do to optimise your iTunes marketing

As an agency for online marketing, we know that there are many people who’ve already been successful thanks to buying iTunes podcast subscribers. Only, they don’t take part in the debate but keep on working diligently to expand their success in iTunes marketing. Essentially, this includes:

  • Relentlessly working on the quality of your podcasts
  • Continually deepening or updating your knowledge and expertise
  • Developing an instinct about the people who interact with your posts
  • Not only presenting yourself, but also inviting exciting guests
  • Producing podcasts with enjoyment and passionate enthusiasm

For despite the necessity of dealing with figures and statistics, in the end you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that you’re producing your podcasts not for an algorithm, but for living people. Just as nowadays no one practises keyword stuffing to position themselves in the search engines successfully, but instead addresses their readers and website visitors, you should approach iTunes marketing like this too.

To do this, take the opportunity that presents itself when you buy iTunes podcast subscribers. However, only use this means to an appropriately degree and always with an eye to your long-term objectives, the most important of which is to inspire your subscribers. You should accordingly refrain from experiments like buying 20,000 new iTunes podcast subscribers even though you’ve only reached 200 followers by organic methods. Don’t get rich in figures, get rich in possibilities instead. Only then will your iTunes marketing as a whole benefit from buying iTunes podcast subscribers.