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Constant problems with the podcast reviews? Take active countermeasures now!

Podcast reviews are as helpful to your iTunes marketing as a seal of approval, as they reflect the personal experiences of subscribers and interested parties. However, everyone does of course know that the first reviews for a product or podcast often come from your circle of friends or family. This does not necessarily decrease their credibility, but it does decrease the trust that other members of the iTunes community have in you. For that reason alone, it’s so important that you receive a large number of positive podcast reviews. If these fail to materialise or don’t come in fast enough for an extended period, you have the option of buying iTunes podcast reviews.

In fact, even with good or excellent content, it’s not exactly easy to quickly get many podcast reviews on iTunes. This has to do with the fact that users who want to post a review need an Apple ID. So, whoever doesn’t have an Apple ID or plays your podcast on a device without being logged in can’t just post five stars or write brief feedback. This has the advantage that it isn’t possible to post reviews unchecked. However, it also has the disadvantage that convenience or forgetfulness can override a momentary enthusiasm for your podcast.

So if, in the context of your iTunes marketing, you notice that your podcasts are often being played and streamed but reviews are failing to materialise, this may be because your audience doesn’t belong to the narrow circle of Apple disciples and it’s therefore simply inconvenient for them to post a review. So, make do by purchasing iTunes podcast reviews – in appropriate numbers and from real accounts that we provide for this purpose.

Taking into account inexperienced users’ problems with the iTunes reviewing system

However, it isn’t only creating an Apple ID and logging in that presents problems for many people. Sometimes posting a correct review fails for far more trivial reasons. iTunes users have the option of just rating with stars, or rating with stars and written feedback. For your iTunes marketing, the second option is of course better, as anyone who posts a positive written comment will have a more convincing effect on other users.

The only problem is: if a subscriber scrolls below your podcast to the review bars, they will first discover five reviewing stars on the right side, which they can click on without further ado. They therefore think they’ve already made full use of the reviewing function by doing this. In actual fact, however, fade-ins of previous reviews then follow, until you finally discover a small pencil icon on the bottom left. Clicking on this opens the input mask, to which the number of stars and written feedback can be linked.

As if this wasn’t enough, the star bar on the top right also causes difficulties for many. If an enthusiastic subscriber wants to give you five stars for your podcast, they first have to click on the fifth (last) star in the row. However, from the Web most people are used to either clicking one star after another until the desired number of stars is lit up, or moving the mouse over them, starting with the first star.

Not so on iTunes: anyone who clicks on the first star, has instantly submitted a review – and in fact, the worst one possible, as iTunes doesn’t ask for any further confirmation, but immediately courteously thanks the user for leaving a review. If your subscribers don't know this and inadvertently click on the first star, it's a real disaster for your iTunes marketing; however, fortunately you can do something to counter this by buying iTunes podcast reviews.

Don't take reviews lightly!

For those who are familiar with the features of iTunes, it may seem amusing that someone doesn’t know how the reviewing works there and therefore accidentally gives one instead of five stars. But not everyone conducts iTunes marketing, after all. And not everyone really gets to grips with such functions either. For you and your podcasts, this can mean that you not only get great written feedback from experienced subscribers, but also a lot of negative star reviews whose origin you can’t explain, but which push the overall rating right down in your iTunes marketing. If this is the case – if there is a big gap between the written reviews and the stars awarded – it makes sense to react to this by buying iTunes podcast reviews that compensate for the reviewing system's susceptibility to errors.

On principle, you shouldn’t take reviews too lightly anyway. Reviews aren’t only your signboard with which you convey a positive first impression to users. They are also an important ranking factor, as the number of incoming reviews alone is an indication of whether or not users are engaging with your podcasts in depth. From your subscribers’ written reviews, you can also learn many things about how to further optimise your iTunes marketing so that subscribers experience your podcasts as helpful or entertaining. You should therefore always only regard the option of purchasing iTunes podcast reviews as an additional tool. The focus of your iTunes marketing is of course your posts and the reviews posted by subscribers who follow your account because they are interested in the topic.

A call to action and explanatory messages

To avoid typical problems with iTunes reviews, you can also add explanations of how reviews work on iTunes in your podcasts. Also, on your website or the social media that you incorporate into your iTunes marketing, you should clearly state:

  • that you welcome iTunes podcast reviews
  • why these are so important for your iTunes marketing
  • how leaving a review works on iTunes

The fact is that people who only subscribe to podcasts but don’t produce any themselves often don’t have any idea how important it is for your iTunes marketing that they review your podcasts. However, constantly repeating this explanation at the end of your podcasts can also have the effect of tiring and boring your listeners. After all, they were just listening to an exciting or humorous podcast and now they’re suddenly supposed to focus on a completely different topic. So, it’s more advisable to address this issue every now and then, but not on a regular basis. Most users will probably skip it anyway. If it leads you back to the old predicament – namely that you’re getting too few or too negative reviews, without any discernible reason – you can simply accept our offer by buying iTunes podcast reviews.

The purchase is made safely, discreetly and online directly via our website. Here, you first decide how many iTunes podcast reviews you want to buy. We then directly provide them for the desired podcast by activating registered users with an Apple ID to post a review.