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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Podcast plays and streams for iTunes marketing

Well-made podcasts are informative, entertaining and pleasing to the ear. Around 50 billion shows were streamed or downloaded in 2018 as iTunes podcasts. Only free podcasts are offered via iTunes. The audience can subscribe to channels, but doesn’t pay any subscription fees.

Even though it’s therefore not a lucrative market from a financial point of view, more and more companies are deciding to add podcasts to their iTunes marketing because of the enormous number of potential subscribers that can thereby be reached. The crowding effect is so great that even well-established channels are afraid they’ll soon no longer be findable amid the mass of monotonously similar iTunes podcasts. We therefore offer an exclusive service to these and all who are fighting hard to ensure that their high-quality podcasts will still be listened to in the future – namely, the option of buying iTunes podcast plays.

Buying iTunes podcast streams is particularly worthwhile at certain crucial points of your iTunes marketing. This includes the first weeks after uploading a new podcast: After uploading, you have the chance to be added to the “New & Noteworthy” category for a limited period of time. If you succeed in achieving many plays here, you’ll also be ranked higher in your actual target category. And you’ll already have cleared the first hurdle in iTunes marketing, as you’re now known to a large group of interested listeners.

However, if you're already a little familiar with iTunes marketing, you'll also know that the bandwidth of plays in “New & Noteworthy” ranges between a single-digit and a four-digit number. You can generate 5 or 5000 plays. However, time is running – which is why you should act urgently if the plays are coming in only sporadically by buying iTunes podcast plays.

For whom the purchase pays off

Whether or not it’s worth your buying iTunes podcast plays naturally also depends on what you want to achieve with your programmes. If it's just a hobby, we tend to advise against buying iTunes podcast streams, despite the low prices.

The situation is different if you intend:

  • to conduct marketing for your business via podcasts
  • to earn money with your podcasts through advertising revenues
  • to convey knowledge from your area of expertise
  • to additionally provide the podcast for free as part of an overall package of fee-based products and services

Educational institutions for instance, offer podcasts from the field of learning and teaching as part of their iTunes marketing, or upload podcasts to the appropriate categories. In addition, anyone who has already achieved a large number of plays and followers, can also find sponsors for their podcasts. Advertising is then either spoken by the podcaster themselves or integrated into the podcast by an agency that specialises in this. Since iTunes offers numerous ways to personalise advertising or to broadcast it regionally, it will also become increasingly important for companies to include podcasts in their marketing mix.

For the time being, iTunes itself is only providing the platform: to date, Apple has not produced any podcasts for iTunes. However, just the fact that this offer exists and is being taken up by so many enthusiastic podcast subscribers is, of course, an excellent marketing tool for iTunes and Apple.

Ad-free or ad-financed, educational or entertaining: to make the effort of producing podcasts and posting them on iTunes worthwhile, you need to generate many, many plays. As an experienced marketing agency, we’re happy to support you in this by providing our service for buying iTunes podcast plays.

iTunes podcasts as content marketing

As a marketing tool, podcasts are considered to be part of content marketing. The same rules therefore apply to audios and videos as to the overall content marketing:

  • The content must be produced in high quality.
  • The content must offer users added value by informing, entertaining and educating them.
  • You have ascertained the benefit of the podcast by analysing the interests of your target audience in advance.

Unfortunately, these principles are often not yet applied in iTunes marketing either. That’s why it’s best to be very clear about the fact that in online marketing you should leave as few things as possible to chance, as online activities can quickly develop a dynamic of their own – which, if it takes a negative turn, you yourself will hardly be able to control or stop. So, to ensure that your podcasts actually find their way to the target audience you are addressing, you can start by buying iTunes podcast plays after each upload – and go on doing it until your channel has grown out of its infancy and you’ve developed a sure instinct for what will be well received by your listeners.

As you already know, just buying plays is not enough. And you definitely want to build a real community that is eagerly waiting to see what episode you produce next. To achieve this, you should ideally build up your iTunes marketing via several networks. There are endless possibilities for advertising your iTunes podcasts for free. Your own website can be just as helpful here as a fan page on Facebook, an Instagram account or a VK site. Conversely, buying iTunes podcast plays isn’t free, but from a cost-benefit point of view, represents an excellent way to supplement iTunes marketing and an opportunity you definitely shouldn’t miss.

The higher you climb, the thinner the air: adapting iTunes marketing to the ranking

Let's assume that you've already got your iTunes marketing going in the aforesaid way. You’ve already been able to gain many followers as subscribers. You’ve decided to buy iTunes podcast streams to improve your ranking.

Then comes the day when everything seems to be at a standstill. The market seems to be saturated, there are no more new subscribers, and at worst your plays are even decreasing. The reasons are obvious. In the beginning, you were competing with a number of podcasts that were being produced in more or less high quality. If you’ve been able to make yourself stand out from the crowd by relying on quality for your iTunes marketing and purchasing iTunes podcast streams, you’re now in a different league.

You’re now up against competitors who are paying entire agencies to produce high-quality podcasts. And you’re producing for an audience that’s demanding high standards of your podcasts because it’s used to professional recordings.

In short, your iTunes marketing needs to be focused on quality and steady growth. Ranking factors change as quickly as new podcasts and channels appear. Anyone who was still a star yesterday may already be replaced by a newcomer tomorrow if the algorithm wants it that way. This sounds dramatic, but of course it’s precisely that the great opportunity of iTunes marketing is to be found. What counts is everything that can be counted: downloads, plays, streams, subscribers, ratings.

So, if the air’s getting thinner even though the quality of your iTunes podcasts is already enthralling many subscribers, improve your statistics by buying iTunes podcasts plays at this crucial point too. We’ll provide you with the desired quantity online for your iTunes marketing, at reasonable prices.