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Podcast downloads: Avoiding typical iTunes marketing errors

"Free isn’t for nothing", is a known axiom of online marketing. With regard to iTunes marketing and iTunes podcasts, this applies in two ways. Although you can post free podcasts on iTunes, you first have to produce them – which, from a financial point of view, can’t really be done "for nothing".

At the same time, this axiom is of course a pun on another meaning of "for nothing" – i.e. "in vain" or "useless". In this context, it’s in line with all the current forecasts for the podcast market, which clearly indicate that podcasts are the latest trend in content marketing. No one can afford to miss out on it anymore.

In 2018, iTunes achieved 50 billion podcast downloads worldwide. Imagine that you gained just 0.01% of that for your podcasts via iTunes marketing. Wouldn't that be fantastic? And doesn’t 0.01% already sound much more realistic than 5 million or even 50,000? In actual fact, most podcasts don't even reach 5,000 subscribers. Assuming that the recordings are of reasonable quality, there is a very simple reason for this: lack of knowledge about how to gain subscribers through meaningful iTunes marketing and how to motivate people to download iTunes podcasts.

However, if the downloads already fail to materialise in the initial phase, during which it’s possible to gain the most listeners for a new channel percentagewise, then the labour of love was all in vain. You can only change that by purchasing iTunes podcast downloads. Admittedly, that isn’t entirely free – but it’s definitely not for nothing, as it enables you to achieve the desired boost for your iTunes podcast channel after all.

How to avoid the three major mistakes in iTunes podcast marketing

By purchasing iTunes podcast downloads, you can optimise your statistics and your outreach on iTunes – because a podcast can’t have a more helpful argument in its own favour than many downloads. So you’re improving your initial situation if you buy iTunes podcast downloads. Nevertheless, you are no nearer your actual goal – i.e. to obtain as many iTunes podcast downloads as possible by an organic process. You must therefore carry out the reality check parallel to that. What works well in your iTunes marketing? What doesn’t?

If the quality of your podcasts is good, the mistakes are almost always to be found in the iTunes marketing that you’re (not) conducting. Very often they result from wrong ideas regarding the actual state and the target state of your download numbers. That may sound complicated but is easily explained.

Mistake number 1 is to think of the millions you want to earn with your iTunes marketing instead of looking at the small percentage. In sum, there’s no difference - however, there certainly is in the psychological and mental effect. In fact, the thought of the millions “somewhere out there” doesn’t motivate most people – but instead intimidates them. By comparison, achieving a small percentage seems like a cinch. And, if you’re buying iTunes podcast downloads, you've already taken the first step in that direction anyway. The strategy of purchasing iTunes podcast downloads thus has a positive effect on your goals and your tactical approach to your goals, as it markedly reduces the distance between the actual and target situation.

Think in small numbers to achieve success for your iTunes marketing
Mistake number 2 is that, when thinking of a large audience, you try to integrate as many different formats and content as possible into your iTunes podcast marketing as possible. A clearly structured concept with an offer that users can easily grasp in overview and understand then quickly becomes a 1-euro store, with all sorts of tat on sale. If anyone’s interested in it.

However, Podcast followers who subscribe to shows via iTunes, definitely aren’t interested in tat. They don't want to click through all the special offers and shelves lying around on your channel. So, here too, you should think in small numbers. Reach your first 100 or 1,000 subscribers by settling on a format, style and content orientation. For marketing your iTunes podcasts, rely on the recognition value of your format.

In doing so, also think about the colouring and logo, images and font types.

The fact that you think in small numbers doesn’t mean that your community shouldn’t be growing. On the contrary. But you can achieve the statistical values easily and inexpensively by buying iTunes podcast downloads. You will derive the greatest possible benefit from this if you regard this statistic as a signboard that you’re hanging up in your virtual shop window, while at the same time working to ensure that your shop already gives a tidy, high-quality impression from the outside.

You can’t reach all possible kinds of people through your iTunes marketing, and you won't achieve your goal of getting as many downloads as possible if you address each and every one. And you don't have to. Now you know about the option of purchasing iTunes downloads to have more time and energy for developing the content of your channel. It’s therefore better for you to concentrate on your target audience for which you’re fighting to gain follower after follower.

Stay in touch with the ground forces as you head for the summit 
Mistake number 3 in iTunes marketing is to draw the wrong, inverted conclusion from what’s just been said. 0.01% denotes a proportion of downloads that you want to achieve, not a tiny amount.

So, as soon as you’ve climbed the first hill, you have to give some thought to how to reach the summit. This also means that you now need to adapt your iTunes marketing further by again looking at the psychology of the big number.

Most Europeans are used to thinking in tens. That’s why it means more to us if we have 100 subscribers than if there are 103. Bear that fact in mind for your iTunes marketing by highlighting each stage win and thanking your subscribers, no matter whether the growth has been achieved in a purely organic way or by you buying iTunes podcast downloads.

In fact, once you’ve reached a critical mass in the decimal system, a dynamic becomes established in the iTunes marketing that is initiated by the algorithm and by the subscribers themselves. Your channel will be shown to further interested parties, who, impressed by the number of downloads achieved, will start to download too. Now your iTunes marketing is no longer about getting a view of the individual, but the masses. Prepare your attempt to conquer the summit by re-setting your sights on your goals, but without losing contact with the ground forces.

The statistics provided by iTunes give you important information about your target audience. In addition, familiarise yourself with your subscribers’ interests by, for example, reading their reviews. Visualise your findings in intersections or tables and incorporate them into the production of your podcasts. This isn’t going to happen overnight. If you use this stretch of road to have an interesting look around and to buy iTunes podcast downloads, you will still certainly reach your destination.