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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Conquer the English-speaking iTunes charts

Dominating the iTunes ranking in English-speaking countries is not exactly easy with podcasts in another language. If this is your intention, your podcasts will ideally be assigned to suitable categories.

You have great opportunities here if, for instance, you offer language lessons or if you primarily post video podcasts, where language skills play a secondary role. Alternatively, you could consider writing your podcasts in English, but will then most likely lose some of your native language subscribers for a start. However, there are already a small number of foreign accounts that post such formats in English. Often, these are B2B podcasts or news podcasts from the financial and business sector, which conduct English-speaking iTunes marketing via a channel located in the non-English language home environment.

So it is not impossible to rise in the English-speaking charts; but it does require a strategy for iTunes marketing that’s precisely tailored for them. Because the intrinsic allure of conquering the enormous markets of iTunes in the US and the UK naturally involves facing heavy competition, as particularly in the United States, subscribing to iTunes podcasts has already been a matter of course for many millions of users for years. It is helpful therefore, to buy iTunes chart ranking.

Before you start, you should also create a business plan and closely examine the habits of your new target audience. What is particularly well received in these regions? How do you achieve a top ranking for your iTunes marketing through the three key factors – subscribers, reviews and downloads? To make it easier for you to get started, as an experienced social media agency we offer you a complete package that is precisely tailored to the aforementioned markets. This means you can buy iTunes podcast ranking from us and concentrate completely on producing your podcasts.

A complete offer for your top ranking

Our offer for buying iTunes podcast ranking includes us supporting your iTunes marketing until you’ve achieved your goal of being ranked among the top 20. Or of course, if you wish, even higher. We are able to offer you this iTunes chart ranking purchasing service because, as a professional marketing agency, we have intensively studied these markets (USA/UK). We know the differences in the mentality of producers and subscribers, as well as people’s behaviour when posting a review or spontaneously downloading. And we know what aspects are really crucial for your iTunes marketing in the aforementioned regions.

While we’re doing our utmost in the background for you to achieve your goal of a top ranking in the charts, you can use the time to likewise familiarise yourself with the special features of these markets. For example, you will find that successful American podcasts are often much longer than posts from other countries. They are slightly reminiscent of those late-night shows to which a charismatic host invites exciting guests, even though they themselves would be perfectly capable of entertaining their audience on their own for hours. Bear this in mind in your iTunes marketing for the charts, as in the USA, podcasts are not just subscribed to and positively reviewed just because they’re entertaining or educational. Here, people and personalities play just as important a role for iTunes marketing as content does.

Taking the special features of English-speaking podcasts into account

You also need to be prepared for big competition in the UK podcast charts. Here, the most successful podcasts often follow a dramatic formula whereby two people have a discussion under difficult circumstances and respond to questions asked by the subscribers to the podcast. Here, the famous British humour can’t be neglected in the iTunes marketing either. Well-known characters are, for example, Rosie and Chris Remise, who can only talk undisturbed to each other when they’re recording a podcast, or Dirty John, the podcast about Debra Newell meeting John Meehan. As you can see from these examples, the dramatic formula here goes far beyond the actual content and also incorporates the circumstances and personalities into the iTunes marketing by inventing a framework plot.

In order to successfully position a new podcast in this environment, it’s important to align your own iTunes marketing in strict accordance with it. With our “Buy iTunes podcast ranking” or “Buy iTunes chart ranking” options, you can rely on the support of a strong and experienced cooperation partner. Many of our customers, as well as some of our employees, come from the English-speaking area themselves. Furthermore, we can legitimately claim that we were the first in the German-speaking world to develop and make available certain strategies and marketing methods there that are already a matter of course in the USA and UK.

Last, but not least, we naturally also familiarised ourselves with the important ranking factors, regarding which Apple is still silent to this day, before pooling our marketing operations for top ranking through iTunes marketing. Thanks to many years’ careful observation, analysis and evaluation, we are able to put together the appropriate packages for you when you buy iTunes podcast ranking, in order to conquer the English-speaking charts.

Buy one – get it all

The offer of buying iTunes podcast ranking is available to all our customers, no matter where and in what language you have been producing podcasts up to now. By means of this offer, we’re meeting the great need to also conquer the English-speaking market as a company or freelancer. Incidentally, apart from the financial and business world or educational portals, it’s the designer sector that is already determinedly advancing here. Their podcasts often deal not only with subject-specific questions, but also with aspects that are of interest to young professionals. Many freelancers now use podcasts to share their knowledge and their experience with others via iTunes marketing. Speakers from the IT world or influencers from the fashion industry also benefit from our service and our market knowledge by buying iTunes chart ranking.

If you start your iTunes marketing with the firm intention of getting into the top 20 in the USA or UK ranking, you naturally want to be well prepared for that special day. Which also means that you should already have produced some high-quality podcasts in advance so that you can now “stock up” quickly, without getting into a hectic rush. Utilise the huge amount of attention you'll get when you buy iTunes chart ranking to make it into the top charts. It’s important for you to know that the higher you get in the iTunes charts, the faster the algorithm rotates. So, be sure to stock up on podcasts in advance and try to maintain or, better still, improve on the quality achieved so far. At the same time, build up your very own solid iTunes marketing system, into which you incorporate multiple media and platforms. We’ll gladly support you in this endeavour with our all-round “Buy iTunes podcast ranking” service.