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iTunes Musik Plays

From the musicians' point of view, iTunes is one of the most lucrative music streaming services. This is because, unlike Spotify and Co., iTunes does not offer a free basic account. After all, he who wishes to call the tune must pay the piper – and this benefits you as an artist or label in your iTunes marketing. However, payment only ensues, if the statistics are correct, that means, you must first achieve a lot of iTunes music plays.

iTunes offers a variety of possibilities for organising your iTunes marketing appropriately. However, not only you and we know this, but also the millions of competitors for iTunes music plays. To position yourself successfully, it’s therefore necessary to apply appropriate strategies in iTunes marketing. This includes purchasing iTunes music plays.

“Wait a minute!” we hear you ask in amazement, “You can actually buy iTunes music plays? Then why am I even bothering with iTunes marketing?” Our tip: stick with it. Buying iTunes music plays is not a substitute for your iTunes marketing. It's just a smart concept that’s complementary to your marketing, to enable you to get ahead with it more rapidly. We’re happy to help you do that.

iTunes marketing: Buy music plays in the form of iTunes streams

iTunes is a piece of free software from Apple that allows users to play music, films and audiobooks as well as podcasts on different devices. The software itself, however, only serves to manage media data that the user has already stored on the device or purchased from the iTunes Store. In addition, it’s also possible to subscribe to iTunes. For around € 10 a month, the subscriber will then have access to the entire music library.

Included in the subscription is the option of creating your own user profile, so that iTunes becomes a social network through which you connect with friends and followers. Many artists are already using this offer to be able to conduct intensive iTunes marketing – because one thing’s clear: nowadays, anyone who isn’t represented on streaming services like iTunes or Spotify is missing out on the crucial advantages of being visible, audible and recognised in the music industry.

For artists, iTunes also has the benefits of there being no free basic account. This means that any music fan who wants to use iTunes for plays, downloads or for commenting and sharing has to subscribe. This results in iTunes being able to pay out particularly high royalties to the musicians or their labels. According to estimates, these are around 70 % higher than with other music streaming services.

How high the royalties ultimately are depends, among other things, on the number of plays that your songs achieve. This alone makes it extremely important that you organise your iTunes marketing professionally right from the start. Nevertheless, it will take a while for you to receive a positive response – after all, it’s no easy task having to compete with a total of 50 million songs and strong marketing agencies. In order to bridge the initial period in iTunes marketing or to further expand the success you’ve already achieved, you can buy iTunes plays.

Something good to know is that buying operating modes from iTunes Connect and iTunes streams from the iTunes algorithm is a good strategy, especially if you’ve already familiarised yourself with the many functions of iTunes. In fact, plays have a particularly important role in iTunes marketing, as you’ll already have understood if you’ve carefully read the iTunes data privacy statement displayed to you before opening an iTunes account.

In it, Apple clearly points out what user data they collect for what purposes. This includes all data related to a user's activities, i.e.:

  • at what time, for how long, how often and on what device they listen to which songs
  • which artists they follow, and who they are friends with on iTunes
  • which songs they put on a playlist, favour or comment on

In this way, the iTunes algorithm gains a detailed picture of the user so that it can suggest music, artists and even other members of the community they might be interested in. By buying iTunes plays, you are using this form of personalised advertising and account valuation for your iTunes marketing, because every play of your pieces is recorded and included in the calculation.

In iTunes marketing, fans and artists primarily connect via the “Connect” feature. It provides you as a musician with a social platform where you can display your profile, post news, and upload music or videos.

You can of course also create your own playlists and share them with your followers. Many bands expand their iTunes marketing beyond that by for example uploading lyrics or exciting items from “backstage”. The more people notice this, the better. One way to achieve this is to buy iTunes streams.

Taking into account the power of the community for iTunes marketing

How many plays does a song have? How many followers does an artist have? What’s the latest news and what are my friends listening to right now? A lot is about music on iTunes, but not everything. Here, music is more of a connective force that even makes it possible to make new friendships. You should bear this in mind for your iTunes marketing, as the algorithm only records what your followers and their friends are doing. It measures activities – so you need to initiate them yourself.

There is, however, one important exception here. It concerns what’s called the “Genius” feature. If users have enabled the Genius feature, iTunes automatically creates playlists for them and sends them purchase recommendations. The user's personal listening habits are thereby matched with data on popular songs, news and the like. So, if you’ve applied the strategy of buying iTunes plays and have improved your ranking accordingly, the chances of your songs being recommended to other interested parties by Genius increase. Buying iTunes streams is therefore an important part of your iTunes marketing.

That is, as long as you’re also actively conducting iTunes marketing parallel to this – as this kind of purchase naturally only makes sense as part of a clever overall package. It’s therefore best not to regard buying iTunes plays as a substitute, but rather as a supplement to your iTunes marketing, and to carefully coordinate the number of iTunes streams you buy with your marketing activities. Take into account:

  • how many plays you achieve without this measure
  • how many followers and friends you have on iTunes and on linked social networks
  • what organic growth could be like if most of your friends and followers press the Play button several times as soon as you release a new piece

In order to simplify this target-oriented selection for your iTunes marketing, we offer a service for buying iTunes plays in different package sizes.

iTunes playlists are a musician’s best friend

For your iTunes marketing, it’s also important to know the key importance of user-created playlists on streaming services. Therefore, be sure to consider who the key influencers on iTunes are for your genre. Some users have achieved a huge position for themselves through their playlists, which are followed by tens of thousands of other users.

What you shouldn't do, however, is buy yourself onto their playlists. This also happens on streaming services, but violates the usage rules. Rather, try to actively participate in such accounts, and to like, subscribe and comment on them. If you then also buy iTunes plays, there’s a good chance that the relevant account holder will become aware of you and will also add your music to their next playlist if they like it.

After all, that's what your iTunes marketing is all about: your music. By buying iTunes streams, you gain an advantage in promoting your music, having it played and expanding your outreach. Use this advantage to make a name for yourself on iTunes, but also on other platforms. Then, despite the huge competition, there will be nothing – or at least significantly less than there initially appeared to be – blocking your path to success within the music industry.