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Buying post likes on Google Plus

With all its changes in recent years, Google Plus has been trying hard to distinguish itself from social networks such as Facebook and VK. The quality of Google Plus posts is becoming more and more important. Google Plus is increasingly becoming a supplementary search engine to which the community itself makes its own contributions. The community then decides who wins the race for the top places by awarding likes. But if you get lost in the race, don't give up, because you can always buy likes.

The fact that marketing on Google Plus is changing is evident not just from the closure of private accounts. Even the design of the homepage reveals where their journey is going. Because this is where their "collections" are first shown to the community. Then come posts from popular accounts, and then communities. Google's emphasis is on a knowledge mix made up of individual accounts, business accounts and news channels.

From a network that is little used for private chat there emerges a fascinating conglomeration of informative and entertaining news, expert reports and of course lots of imagery. In order to be able to maintain your position in this network via your own marketing efforts, it will be more important than ever to get as many likes as possible; so one easy way to quickly prepare yourself for the new Google Plus is to buy post likes.

Why it can be important to buy Google Plus likes becomes clear when you look at the statistics for the posts that appear on the Google Plus homepage. While for communities the number of followers belonging to a group is given, this information is missing for the collections. You have to call up the collection to see how many followers it has. More important than the number of followers are

  • how many posts have already been made within the collection, and
  • how many likes the posts have received.

In the case of publicly shared posts, which mainly come from news services, you can see directly on the start page how many likes a post has received and how often it was shared. Which post is listed is determined by the relationship between the degree of awareness of a page and the number of contributors; so messages from even relatively unknown sites can make it onto the homepage if they receive sufficient likes.

However, in order to be able to compete with news organisations such as RT Deutsch, ntv or other well-known broadcasters and magazines, you, as a rather little known contributor, need four-figure contributions. These can hardly be obtained organically. Buying likes helps to make the competition for the homepage a little fairer.

For communities, the number of likes is weighted less strongly. This is understandable, because their members have deliberately joined the group, which is why it can be assumed that they are interested in its content, even if they do not interact with every post.

When it comes to marketing yourself on Google Plus, the above information can give you a clear advantage. You realise that

  • It is especially important for a collection to post regularly and get a high number of post likes.
  • You can only make it onto the posts page with news and information if you already have a large number of followers and/or get a large number of likes.

So one thing is clear: if you want to become known outside communities, buying likes can take you a huge step further.

In order for your posts to attract a lot of attention, you should consider how they are usually designed. At the top, your name or that of your company should appear, ideally with a logo or similar. The post itself should be a photo that immediately catches the eye or a link that produces a thumbnail. But remember it is considered a breach of etiquette to post links without giving a short explanation, a quote, or a note as to why your post should be viewed. Inserting a short accompanying text can help.

Below your posts you will see a bar that allows users to link, share or comment. If you compare these statistics, you will find that some only achieve single-digit likes while others achieve four-digit likes. This shows the importance of likes for unknown or little known players. By purchasing likes and delegating to us the task of distributing the likes among your posts, you can make up for your lack of profile.

Buying likes can also benefit companies that haven't actively marketed themselves on Google Plus before. This is always the case if you have made an entry in Google My Business for your company. You will also be assigned a company page on Google Plus. If you don't use this for your Google Plus marketing, this could create a negative impression for users who discover an empty page.

But instead of neglecting other accounts and networks in order to intensify your Google Plus marketing, you can simply use Google Plus as part of your overall marketing. In order to increase your ranking and win followers without having to monitor your Google Plus page on a daily basis, keep at it for a while by posting images, reposting news and information from other users, and buying likes. If this is too time-consuming for you in the long run, inform your community after a certain time that you will no longer be using the site. Also explain which other social networks you can be followed on.

The benefit to you is that you will have filled your company website with content, received likes for it, won followers (Google Plus followers can also be bought) and carved out a positioning for yourself on Google Plus. The site itself will remain intact, the number of likes will still be displayed and you can confidently occupy yourself with other matters. Unless, of course, you've noticed in that time what a powerful tool Google Plus marketing can be. In which case you can simply continue.