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Much more than just a like – why you should buy Google post +1's

The +1 button on Google Plus is often compared to a like on other networks. But it's this button that shows the real potential of Google Plus marketing, which even Google itself was slow to understand.

Because as we all know, Google is not just a search engine, but an empire whose numerous applications bring together all the threads of online marketing. Google controls the flow of data and information and the search for it and provides advertising space and ways of communicating.

Within this huge network, Google Plus marketing represents just one strand, as the company has repeatedly stressed. A Google Plus post +1 has the concentrated power of this total network. That's why it's so important that you buy +1's when you need them.

The fact that Google itself recognised this potential relatively late on is due to the fact that the development of social networks was not initially properly understood. With Google Plus, Google quickly tried to compensate for this shortcoming by copying existing social media, but rather badly. Too late, however, because despite rapid growth, Google Plus marketing was not as successful as the networks that it sought to emulate.

But Google made a virtue out of necessity by pursuing its own path. With the Google Plus post +1, a closed network was opened up so that it could realise its full power. The +1 button can be used to link to posts. At the same time, however, it can be used for recommendation marketing outside the network. In addition, +1's can be saved in your own account and accessed and shared, either publicly or in your own groups. Every Google Plus +1 post therefore radiates in different directions, so it's not just a simple like within your Google Plus marketing activity.

The power of a Google Plus post +1 is also demonstrated by the fact that networks like Facebook are now trying to follow the Google route. Step by step, further networks are added and networked with one another. As with Google Plus marketing, the power of likes and comments can be multiplied beyond network boundaries. By purchasing Google Plus post +1's, you can harness this power for your corporate website and Google Plus marketing strategy.

If we take a look at the past and the future of such networks, it seems that the need to buy Google Plus post +1's will only increase. Because the distinctiveness that +1's currently lend each contribution also has its downsides. This is due to data protection concerns that have cooled the initial hype about +1. Today it has much more difficult for companies to get a large number of +1 posts.

If these +1's remain unavailable for long, a company's position in the Google Plus rankings will be greatly affected. If you're currently in this situation, or if you're new to Google Plus, you'll probably have to buy Google Plus post +1's to compensate.

The need to do so arises from the fact that Google has reacted to the loophole in data protection by no longer allowing private accounts on Google Plus. However, since only registered users can "plus", as the allocation of a  +1 is called in Google Plus marketing, we expect that in the future it will be even more difficult in to get post +1's organically.

Clearly it's complicated. The fact that it is becoming increasingly important to look for alternatives to the organic growth of Google Plus post likes should by now be clear. Nonetheless the question arises, why exactly is it so important to get a +1 for each post? Doesn't the number of followers matter any more? Why buy +1's at all?

The question is a fair one, because it is not your +1 posts that determine your Google Plus ranking. As far as the algorithm is concerned, it's the overall impression that counts. But as you can see from your own behaviour across the different networks, certain basic principles emerge. Which posts in your feed or on the homepage do you pay attention to? As a rule, they will be posts that

  • are of particular interest to you;
  • are immediately obvious because of their appearance;
  • have already received a high number of +1's, because this indicates that other users consider them worth reading or viewing.

Try it out. Take a look at the Google Plus homepage now and you'll see newsfeeds from stations like ntv or RT Deutsch that only have a single-digit +1 rating. If you scroll further, you'll suddenly notice a post from an account you've never even heard of, but which has managed to get a four-digit number of +1's. So you take a closer look. And it's exactly this effect that you can take advantage of by buying +1's for your posts.

To summarise: A Google Plus +1 post will not only benefit your internal Google Plus marketing. If the community frequently gives your posts a positive assessment, you will:

  • improve your ranking on Google Plus;
  • extend your reach beyond Google Plus;
  • increase awareness of your posts;
  • utilise the full power of the Google Network with your posts.

The opportunities that open up when you buy +1's for your posts are therefore self-explanatory.

What this means for your Google Plus marketing depends largely on your goals. Marketing is not an end in itself: you want to win customers or business partners. You will get their attention through building up likes and shares. However, you also need to be aware that, in doing so, you'll only have paid half the rent for your ranking on Google Plus.

The other half is financed by the content and quality of your posts. Remember that, if your contributions often get a +1, then expectations will increase along with awareness. Make sure you meet these expectations by addressing your target group's needs and wants.

Only publish posts whose quality or added value you are sure of. If you operate an intensive and authentic Google Plus marketing campaign in this way, the small investment of buying +1's will soon pay off. We will be happy to provide you with the number of +1s you require.