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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

How eBay watchers can help your sales

Digital shopping on eBay has become widespread in recent years. For a long time now, users have also been using their mobile devices to access the latest offers on the site. Everyone knows which criteria are used to find a reputable dealer in order to make a safe purchase. If a seller has been active on the platform for years, the general response, including satisfaction rates among his customers, is reflected in his ratings. This kind of crucial competitive advantage can only be achieved over the long-term and with a high rate of activity on the account.

Anyone registering as a new seller faces stiff competition. Even if you have good products, it is difficult to generate watchers and views at the same rates as experienced dealers. But one way of standing out from the competition and increasing your reach is to buy eBay watchers.

Why watchers matter

Watchers do not in themselves increase sales. So why are they so important? The reason lies in eBay's Cassini search algorithm. This creates an individual ranking of offers when a user conducts a search. Various relevance criteria play a role in this, which in the past could be clearly worked out. In addition to popularity and the number of articles already sold, they also include the number of watchers who have expressed an interest in the product so far.

Thanks to the algorithm, buying watchers can improve your ranking. As most users don't look beyond the first page of results, this can give you a valuable competitive advantage.

Of course you could, when listing your item, pay extra to have your listing highlighted. But this tends to look artificial. If instead you have a high number of watchers, your listing will appear more naturally attractive and will rise up the rankings.

Recent changes to the algorithm have significantly changed the conditions of sale. The former search algorithm, Voyager, searched only the title of the offer for matching keywords that seemed relevant to the search query, so it was easy to influence the algorithm. The Cassini developers, on the other hand, aimed to include far more text in the search. For this reason, since 2013 other factors have had to be taken account if you want to improve your seller rankings. Only a holistic approach, which also takes into account the popularity of the seller and his entire range, can improve results.

The competitiveness of buyers

eBay has long been home to 'top sellers' who sell their products in large volumes. Other sellers offer products that are unique, as only one unique product is available. In their search for the cheapest offer, many users of the platform place several offers on their watch list, usually in the belief that they might come across a better offer elsewhere on the site.

If a product is only available in small quantities, a large number of watchers can encourage people to buy, as the watchers will be seen as potential competitors. For the seller, instant buying means faster payment, while an auction offers the chance to achieve a higher price.

Standing out from the crowd

Many eBay sellers are reporting increased competition on the platform. New sellers are attracted by the ease and simplicity of selling. Some attempts to win new customers seem clumsy and obvious. This includes offering Amazon codes below their actual value (although admittedly the sale of any code entails a small loss for the dealer). The large number of hits and the rapid sale rates nevertheless have a positive effect on rankings.

Since anyone can buy eBay watchers, an authentic solution to competition on the site is directly available. Ultimately, it is a shortcut to success, which can otherwise take years. At the same time, eBay sellers can make a decent profit without impairing resonance.

Create trust with potential customers

On eBay, the seller's reputation has always been of paramount importance. Reliability still varies greatly, which can cause doubt among customers. Even sellers with the best intentions will struggle to establish themselves if they don't manage their key indicators.

The buyer's eye first wanders to the offer title, where the number of watchers is also displayed. This number can influence the way the item is perceived, as the higher up the ranking the listing appears, the greater the number of hits. Once this starts happening on an hourly basis, the listing appears in red, which in turn further increases attention.

The short-term positive effect achieved through the number of watchers can in turn enable a long-term increase in sales. High sales volume can boost immediate profitability. Furthermore, with each new positive evaluation, the perception of all the seller's offers improves. In the long term, this creates a positive cycle. From now on, no further action is necessary to maintain the favourable perception of the seller's listings. Sales on the platform will now practically take care of themselves.