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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Making the most of your music with Deezer marketing

In recent years, Deezer has developed into one of the most important streaming platforms. While private users appreciate the unlimited music, many artists use the service to promote their own releases. For musicians, however, the early stages can be discouraging. The established competition, which has often been publishing successfully for many years, can seem too overwhelming.

A well though-out Deezer marketing strategy can make starting out in the world of streaming easier. With the help of Deezer likes, popularity can be quickly increased to convince the algorithm of the value of your songs. You can then draw users' attention to new songs and albums, which are then integrated again and again into the popular random playbacks and various playlists on the site.

More than just a favourite

From the listener's point of view, likes on Deezer initially play only a minor role. They are just a tool that allows a song by the artist to be attached to their profile. In this way the user will always have access to the composer's work. But if a musician wants to buy Deezer likes, this simple tool can play an important role. A large number of likes means a larger target group becoming aware of new songs. And the Deezer algorithm will then ensure that the effect is multiplied.

Streaming success on Deezer depends on the FLOW algorithm. It analyses the usage behaviour of each listener and then finds suitable songs for random playback. The managers of the French company are putting a lot of effort into constantly adapting this technology. Considering the strong competition among streaming services, the perfect playlist can be a powerful way of attracting new users. Which artists and songs make it to the coveted spots depends on Deezer plays, and the general popularity of a band or solo artist is determined by the number of likes the songs has.

If you buy Deezer likes, you can also influence the number of streams you get. Because it will then be more likely that your own songs will make it into the random playback of a user and integrate themselves into the user's playlist. This in turn gives you the chance to get a large number of hits with a low skip rate. From the point of view of the algorithm, a new hit will now develop that makes it onto the radar of the all-important FLOW playback.

Using collective intelligence

One reason why new artists on streaming portals find it difficult to establish themselves successfully is users' natural scepticism towards unpopular tracks. Even a great song won't win us over if it doesn't have the necessary popularity. In this context, we attach great importance to the decision of the crowd if they appear to not be interested in a track. In these circumstances, achieving an exponential increase in the number of hits is particularly difficult.

However, the principle of collective intelligence can also be used to one's own advantage. If you buy Deezer likes you can create an incentive for users who will see that your track is popular. This lowers resistance to selecting a track and to coming across the artist's songs again and again. This paves the way for further interaction, which then pays off for the artist through numerous small commission payments.

Closing the gap between you and the competition

The competition that appears on Deezer next to your albums can seem overwhelming at first glance. This is particularly due to the media presence that other providers have already achieved. TV appearances and concerts in front of large crowds all help artists get established. But those who do not reach a wide audience outside of the streaming services can bridge the gap by coming to the attention of the algorithm. A low skip rate and lots of likes and plays can help create a wider reach that goes beyond the marketing campaign. Once created, this solid foundation can also be used for further releases.

Importance of streaming continues to grow

The role that Deezer and similar services play in the music world is becoming increasingly important. This relates partly to the economic circumstances of the artists. In many genres it is more and more difficult to sell your own recordings using traditional routes. The flexible financial model on which streaming is based offers an alternative. Although the revenues per Deezer play may seem marginal at first, they quickly build up to considerable sums through the sheer volume of listeners. For many artists, streaming has therefore become an important source of income.

Being on a streaming platform can mark a milestone in your musical career. Digital likes help create a close-knit fan community, many of whom will be eager to attend live appearances. Picking up lots of users via their smartphone therefore has huge potential.

Faster breakthrough

Those responsible for large streaming services repeatedly emphasise that, despite the strong influence of the algorithm, it is always possible for new artists with good tracks to break through. But if you buy Deezer likes, you can shorten the time it takes. The arduous process of gaining likes and plays early on can be significantly reduced. From then on, you can be confident that the quality of your music will be sufficient to allow you to establish your presence.