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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Dailymotion: successful channel expansion with initial views

As a video platform with social network elements, Dailymotion is a serious competitor to YouTube. Many individual users and new companies appreciate the potential for flexible uploads and prefer to use a smaller platform. It can take several months to achieve the desired reach, but targeted Dailymotion marketing uses the power of the algorithm to make your content more popular.

If you buy Dailymotion views to support your videos, you can quickly break through the initial resistance that many users fail to overcome. The first views of a video make more users aware of the content and a closed target group can be established. This targeted increase in reach can help you offset initial costs and meet your financial goals.

Decisive advantage

It is particularly difficult to promote videos on a profile that has not yet attracted sufficient interest. Dailymotion users can see at a glance how popular a profile is. Without the necessary views, there will also be a lack of followers who could become aware of new uploads. Buying views therefore secures a decisive advantage over the stiff competition that new users face on the platform.

The value of initial views derives from the website's algorithm, which uses popularity as one of its selection criteria. Videos that have not been watched before have a hard time breaking out and are only listed on the later pages of search results. But having a marketing strategy can help influence the algorithm so that videos are pushed higher up the search results, thus setting a virtuous circle in motion.

If the content of the video is good enough, the first views will have a positive effect on other search criteria. Users can now rate the video and, if the content is good, will search for more videos and rate them in turn. At this point, winning a new follower is only a click away. Buying views can therefore help you to build a popular channel.

Marketing your way to recommendations

But how do users become aware of content on Dailymotion in the first place? The search function on the site is just one way. If a user first watches a video by another content provider, it is still possible to be noticed via the recommendations below the player, where the algorithm places other videos that may also be relevant. But thematic association alone is not enough to be displayed there. Frequently  viewed and positively rated clips have a better chance of being recommended.

In order to increase relevance in the recommendations, producers can buy their own views. Since the algorithm uses the number of users as an important criterion for selection, buying views can boost your positioning. An attractive description of the video and a thumbnail that further attracts users can then be all that is required for the user to click on your video. The top ranking recommendations, which are deliberately placed to catch the user's eye, are much sought after by all channels. Those who do not succeed in getting themselves in the limelight in this way often go unnoticed by users and will struggle to gain views, even with high-quality content.

Creating social proof

But it's not just the algorithm that can help you improve your marketing on Dailymotion. Social proof, or the collective intelligence of users, also has an important role to play. Behind this psychological principle lies the fact that we automatically consider content that is popular to be worth watching. We trust the judgement of the people who have already watched it.

Anyone who puts a lot of time and effort into creating content that does not attract views is failing to capitalise on this principle of collective intelligence. There will be a subconscious devaluation of the content concerned. But buying views can help you create social proof. The more popular a video appears to be, the more viewers will rate it highly. Initial skepticism can be countered and your content will get a chance to establish itself.

Increase your earnings

The prospect of increasing your reach on the platform means you can make your videos accessible to more people. Due to the social components of the platform, you'll be able to obtain the kind of recognition that can be seen as a reward for your work, as Dailymotion offers real opportunity to turn uploaded content into a source of income. This is possible thanks to the advertising opportunities associated with the video and the potential for embedding affiliate links.

In both cases, the income that can be achieved is based on the reach of the content. Advertising revenues increase in proportion to the number of views attained, and the number of users who watch a video will determine the financial potential of affiliate links. In the difficult initial phase, many users reject this route because the views seem to grow so slowly. But if you want to quickly increase your earnings, you can buy views as a way of getting through that difficult start phase.

Once you have established yourself on the portal, your engagement with the target group can be increased. The various social networks, which can be embedded in the channel's page, offer the opportunity to do this. Building up a base can thus become the starting point for publishing on other platforms, which can then provide a much easier start. This ultimately also expands the potential return on your investment.