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No other invention has changed the importance of customer review for a business as much as the Internet. Anyone who wants to find out more about a company has plenty of opportunities online these days.

For example:

  • Google business reviews,
  • Facebook reviews,
  • TripAdvisor reviews and
  • Trust Pilot reviews are frequently submitted and viewed.

But as much as this development is to be welcomed from a customer perspective, as many companies see themselves disadvantaged by the practice of giving reviews. There are four key reasons for this:

  1. It is still common practice to give reviews if something did not go very well, especially in Germany. Customers who everything went to plan for tend to take it for granted and are less likely to give a positive review.
  2. The first positive reviews are usually provided by friends, repeat customers or family members. This means that a business can only score points if it has a large circle of friends, or if it has already been based in the area for a long time, which is especially true for small businesses or freelancers.

Once the first positive reviews have been received, other users follow suit. If a company is not or is only seldomly reviewed positively, this effect will not kick in. If one company has already received a lot of negative reviews, it encourages other dissatisfied customers to submit negative reviews as well. This can go so far that a customer, who hitherto tended to be neutral, suddenly thinks about disclosing negative aspects.

  1. Whether and how many reviews are awarded depends on the customers and the use they make of the Internet. Some people are generally reluctant to give reviews online because they fear their details will be stored or misused. Others do not understand where or how they can submit a review.
  2. Unfortunately, reviews can also be abusive in an attempt to harm a competitor. Although this is not the fine English way, it occurs more often than you can imagine.

These and other aspects show that there is no way around entrepreneurs having to deal intensively with the business of Internet reviews today and developing a strategy to get as many positive reviews as possible.

This is because most of us already established the following: as soon as we enter a hotel room, we no longer just pay attention to what we like. Instead of looking forward to a fresh bunch of flowers or complimentary bottle of mineral water, we examine the room critically for defects which we can mention in the review we give afterwards.

An efficient strategy, which has already become established in the USA, and which we, as an agency for professional online marketing want, to open up to empower our customers, is to buy reviews to fill the gaps left by shy or disinterested customers. Abusive reviews can also be countered in this way. For this reason, you can now:

  • Buy German Google business reviews from us.
  • Buy German Facebook reviews.
  • Buy German TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Buy German Trust Pilot reviews.

We want to introduce you briefly to the various review portals in order to clarify the benefits of this for your business.

You buy German Google business reviews in order to be visible to prospective customers during a Google search. Or put in better terms: to be positively visible. The particular disadvantage, especially with Google, is that almost anyone can submit a review without having to prove that they are actually one your customers.

This becomes clear when you look at the different reviews. Time and again, desperate small business owners respond to bad reviews by answering, for instance, "Dear XY, unfortunately, we cannot find you in our customer database..." This then makes it obvious that someone has given you a negative review in order to deliberately harm the company.

Responding to this by providing a short polite response is always a positive approach. But not everyone understands what is being played at here. Buying German Google business reviews makes it clear: the majority of your customers are satisfied with your services or products. Quantity counts and can be also seen at a glance by viewing the stars that Google awards as an average for the reviews received.

You can buy German Facebook reviews if you have a company page on Zuckerberg's portal. This is especially important in the early stages, since Facebook does not show recommendations until a certain number of positive reviews have been received.

In addition, reviewers need to do so publicly to count towards the score on your Facebook page.

Many Facebook users shy away from doing this, however. So, by sharing a positive review with friends, a customer may feel that they have done something good for you.

In fact, this does not really do you much good if you want to achieve more reach and a better ranking. Instead, why not help yourself by buying a German Facebook review for every privately given positive referral.

German Trip Advisor reviews are best bought if you are:

  • Active in the tourism industry.
  • Run a pub, hotel or restaurant.
  • Run an event location or cultural facility.

It is important to get a lot of positive reviews on TripAdvisor, because the overall ranking and placement is geared toward this. Only a few users call up more than the Top Ten in any given category. Most people simply want to know what other travellers or visitors have experienced, and what they recommend and what's hot.

If there are a few positive reviews for your company, this is nice, but they will get sunk by the majority of reviews. So, why not thank all those who have already given you a positive review you by buying TripAdvisor reviews to drive the reviews that have already been given up the ranking.

You buy Trust Pilot reviews if you want to express your company’s high level of professionalism. This is because, in order to be able to submit reviews to Trust Pilot, users first have to register or register using an existing social media account. Users can also enter a customer or invoice number, but they do not have to.

This represents a chance for you, because, in this way, you can buy Trust Pilot reviews from registered users, even if your own customer prove to be less inclined to give reviews.

Our tip: set up alerts online so that you are informed whenever the web is talking about you and your business. If negative or abusive reviews or ratings result, you can take action as quickly as possible by buying German reviews.

We will be more than happy to offer you the right packages for Google reviews, Facebook reviews, TripAdvisor reviews and Trust Pilot reviews. In a practical mix for reviews on multiple platforms, as well, of course.