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App Reviews (IOS/Android)

You have carefully prepared your app launch and are now waiting eagerly and certainly a little excitedly about the first reviews. But nothing happens.

The sales figures show you that your app has already been downloaded several times. You may even already know the characteristics of your target group recorded in the statistics. But nothing is moving. What should you do?

Nothing is as frustrating as the futile wait for positive reviews. And nothing harms the ranking for your app as much as the long hesitation by many users to review an app they have downloaded. This is because, at this crucial point, an app store's algorithm and the behaviour of its customers go completely separate ways unfortunately.

While users spend their time trying out your app, testing it extensively and perhaps reviewing it at some point after weeks or months, the algorithm analyses the numbers right from the start. If you don't have any reviews, the algorithm lacks an important basis for performing the analysis.

The result being that it cannot clearly assign how useful your app is and therefore moves it to a lower place in the ranking. And this is the beginning of a downward spiral, because if your app is made invisible in this way, the number of downloads and reviews will inevitably decrease as well.

This is the moment you have to spring into action, because the effort and money you have invested in developing your app should not have all been for nothing. For this reason, you should include the possibility of buying app reviews from the very beginning. You can choose to buy iOS app or Android reviews.

Buying app reviews is invaluable, especially in the early stages after launching your app. Even later, for example after you have fixed a bug or following a relaunch, it may make sense to buy iOS app or Android app reviews. As an experienced app marketing agency, we have already put the right packages together for you. You can order them easily online at any time and incorporate them into your app marketing.

Take advantage of buying app reviews in the initial phase of your marketing drive. This will have a highly positive effect on your app's visibility and its download rate.

Potential customers see that your app was downloaded right after its launch and reviewed positively, which increases their willingness to do the same as other users do. Also, for the reasons given above, getting an app rated quickly is always a good sign, because users also know that an increased level of interest exists in your product.

Another positive effect is that the presence of reviews also reminds the first users who downloaded your app to submit their own review. That's not as natural as we, who are familiar with app marketing, would imagine or wish.

The meaning of their review is not really very clear for many users. This is not only reflected in how grossly exaggerated some users rate things negatively, which in reality actually represents a triviality or something marginal. Unfortunately, it also shows that people who are satisfied with your app do not usually even think that a review could help you, since they naively assume that good will prevail on its own.

Which is why it is a good thing to add some discrete, but unmistakable appeal to your app marketing that encourages users to review your app after downloading it. Include this call to action in all your marketing measures, and remember to do so when writing a description of your app.

Also make the hard, but undeniable fact clear: with three million apps available in the various stores, beating your competitors is no easy feat. This leads many a developer or company to the assumption that it would be a good thing to run a mass advertising campaign with constant push messages to increase recall or run aggressive re-targeting campaigns on social media.

Nothing speaks against placing advertising for your app. But do not be aggressive in doing so. An attractively designed button that seductively invites you to download and install the app is a much more successful marketing measure than pesky push news or online banners, which the user then turns off or stops with an ad-blocker.

Buying targetted app reviews (German, if you launch your app in a German-speaking country) also belongs in the category "advertise wise but discreetly". Then, no one will notice that you're buying iOS or Android app reviews, and nobody will feel bothered by it anyway. This allows you to escape the dilemma that almost every developer has after launching their app, which relates to the illogical evaluation that user statistics relate to the respective algorithm used.

Numerous studies have already shown that user reviews are a suitable means for motivating more potential customers to download your app. The benefit is even so great that reviews - even if they are only given in the form of an asterisk - already form part of content marketing. With the exception that you don't have to create this yourself. The buyer is the one who does you this favour. Or in other words: the confident and enthusiastic buyer.

Which is why we would like to emphasise the following again at this point: quality and quantity always have to go hand-in-hand in marketing. As a marketing agency, we have no influence over the quality of your app. This is your job in which you certainly very knowledgeable and talented. But we do provide you with the tools to significantly increase the quantity of your app marketing.

Buy app reviews online in just a few minutes. Just select the number of times you want to buy iOS or Android app reviews, and we'll make sure your reviews are submitted in an accurate and timely fashion.

Of course, how many reviews you buy depends on how many times your app has already been downloaded. While it is possible for your app to be used by different users of a device, this is more likely to form an exception. Therefore, be realistic in your calculations and include the statistics that the store provides. Alternatively, you can expand your app marketing by buying app downloads from us.

Once the first reviews have been received, experience shows that the number of downloads will continue to increase. If your target group still proves to be lazy, you can always order additional app reviews from us.