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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

App Downloads (iOS/Android)

Around three million apps are readily available in the app stores, and more are being added every day. Of these three million, average users download some 40 each, eventually using three to six of them regularly. The chance that your app is amongst them, is, from a purely mathematical standpoint, extremely low.

However, if certain app developers do manage to achieve tremendously high download rates, only does it have something to do with the quality and usefulness of the app they have developed. It is mainly because of the marketing for the app, which they perform to ensure that their app appears under the top apps in the stores from the very start.

This app marketing aims to leverage high download rates right after the app's launch. Many app developers or the companies they work for spend huge sums of money on banging the marketing drum as loud as possible well before they launch a new app for this reason. There is a much cheaper and more efficient way of quickly achieving lots of downloads, however. Namely, by buying iOS or Android app downloads.

This allows you to cover the two most important stores in advance. It is important that you actually buy targetted app downloads for a German-language app, because everything else would not appear credible.

Why buying (targetted) app downloads is worth more than just a passing nod does not result exclusively from the high number of competing apps that have already been successfully launched. It also follows from the evaluation of user behaviour in the app stores. This is because in the app stores, mainly organic searches take place, which means that mobile devices users are already tired of banners and advertising. They know what they are looking for and prefer to select apps that are displayed to them following a quick keyword search in the store. They also pay special attention to reviews given by other users.

In terms of user behaviour, it is also important to understand that no-one looks through all the listed suggestions when looking at organic hits. Instead, they choose the right one for them from the top ten. What search engine optimisation in the World Wide Web achieves, namely that websites land at the top of the results lists, is what you have to achieve here with the right app marketing. By buying iOS or Android app downloads, you get to influence the algorithm used to select the results displayed.

This strategy is even more successful if you implement it immediately after the launch of your app. This is because, for new products, the algorithm usually ranks the app at a special position for a short time and/or it is placed in the "New" category making it particularly noticeable.

If high downloads show that your app has great potential, it will continue to be shown to many users looking for a product like yours. If the downloads drop off, the app's ranking and its reach will soon decline.

If this has already happened, it is also worthwhile pushing the app back up the list again by buying app downloads.

Depending on the store where you offer your app, you decide whether to buy iOS app downloads, Android app downloads or whether to position yourself in both stores.

Quantity and quality cannot be clearly distinguished between in app marketing, even when claims are made to this effect this time and again. Buying decisions are never purely rational and also are not random. They are the result of intensive marketing that keeps reminding buyers about certain products in an appealing way and awakens emotions in the customer. Only when a product, and in this case an app, has achieved certain sales figures, when it is part of the conversation and users are talking about it, do the details of its quality become important.

How do users rate your app? What added value does this offer you? Are there any problems downloading, installing or using it? Once you have successfully completed the first step and positioned your app visibly, take the second step by conducting intensive monitoring.

You should react promptly, especially if problems arise or a bug is known. If criticised appropriately and fairly, do not treat it as a nuisance but a challenge, and as a problem that you need to solve to further optimise your app.

Do not limit yourself to reviews alone in your app marketing. It may occur sometimes that adjustments are required due to an error in a feature or following an operating system upgrade. If the reviews have become too negative by this point, we can provide you with suitable offers in our online shop. Go there and find out more about how to buy app reviews for iOS and Android.

Also take a look at the statistics provided by the app store. You need these statistics to build your audience targeting. For example, see what the average age of you app user is, where they live, if your app tends to be downloaded more by men, women or others and more. Focus your app marketing and how you address your users on this knowledge.

Quantity ensures that your app is and remains visible. Quality affects how users rate your app and how it develops.

While the basics of successful app marketing can be clearly pinpointed, the question of how big the number of downloads needs to be to reach these goals is not that easy to answer. The factor is influenced significantly by:

  • If your app is already available for download and you already have a small or large group of interested users.
  • What position your app currently has.
  • How big the competition is and how many comparable apps are available for choice.
  • Which category you offer your app in for download.

It's best to start with familiarising yourself with the different categories in the store (if you have not done so already). Where should your app appear? How large is the competition? How many downloads have your competitors achieved? In which category are the odds better of beating the competition when buying app downloads? And which numbers are realistic?

If you fail to come to a clear conclusion about this monitoring, just select a package that we've already put together for you under the name, "Buy iOS app downloads" or "Buy Android app downloads" and test how it changes your positioning in the store.

Depending on the initial situation and the time when you buy downloads for your app marketing, even a small amount of app download purchases may turn out to be a crucial turning point. If the situation with the market is more complicated, you can always buy additional iOS or Android app downloads.