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Anghami Plays

The music streaming service Anghami now has 60 million users, a remarkable achievement considering that the Lebanese service was only launched in 2012. The original aim of the service was to reduce music piracy in the Middle East and North Africa (the MENA region). Instead of making pirated copies, Anghami users can stream music for a few hours per month, free of charge and ads.

Alternatively, registered users can enjoy unlimited streaming for around five dollars a month. This requires the user to set up a Plus account, which permits access to additional features and allows the music to be streamed not only to smartphones but also to other devices, such as the Playstation 4.

Anghami can be used in the MENA region, free of charge or for a small fee, wherever users want to listen to their favourite music. And for every play streamed via Anghami, a fee is paid to the creator of the music. That's why it makes sense for musicians to do their own Anghami marketing. And the effort to prevent music piracy in this region will help to create a worldwide community. For example:

  • Anghami plays can be stored on playlists that can be shared with friends.
  • Personalised recommendations can be generated by the Anghami algorithm based on user behaviour.
  • Users can give tracks likes.
  • Users can invite friends to Anghami via smartphone or create accounts for them as a gift.
  • Users can follow their favourite artists.

Anghami has long been regarded as an important social network where everything revolves around music – mostly oriental tunes, but also tracks from international pop, rock and folk stars, who by marketing their music on Anghami have helped turn the platform into one of the world's most compelling streaming services.

You can upload and market music on Anghami only if you own the copyright or licence. Tracks are usually uploaded in collaboration with a recording studio specialising in Anghami. If you used sounds or loops from software to compose your music, you must first acquire the licence to publish the tracks commercially.

Of course, this is only worthwhile financially if you are sure that you will generate enough Anghami plays, and this can take a lot of time and effort to achieve. Achieving fame quickly isn't easy. The community has grown enormously and the decision over what music is suggested to users is made by the algorithm. This means that – and this is the absurd aspect of such networks – you have to have generated a high number of Anghami plays before the algorithm displays your music to users. But where will all these plays come from?

You could always ask friends and relatives to stream your music. If you have already built up a large community on another social network, then don't be afraid to draw their attention to your new tracks on Anghami. Ultimately, however, this will hardly allow you to quickly offset the costs you have incurred for music production, the recording studio and any licences you may need to buy.

A simple alternative is to buy Anghami plays. Because you can only win against the algorithms if you have a few marketing tricks up your sleeve. Looked at logically, the strategy of buying Anghami plays makes perfect sense.

The effect will be that your tracks will rise in the Anghami ranking. They will then be displayed to more users who Anghami believes may also be interested in your music. Moreover, you automatically climb higher in the playlists and suggestions of specific genres when you buy Anghami plays, thereby increasing your reach.

You can buy Anghami plays from us at a reasonable package price. Your investment will soon pay for itself; always assuming, of course, that your music has the potential to be a force to be reckoned with and to reach the ears – and hearts – of a high number of users.

But it is not enough to simply buy plays. You also need to develop a clear marketing strategy. Anghami offers some useful options to help you do this. You can share music directly via other social media such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Ideally, you should have at least one additional social network on which you are particularly active and aim to build up your following there.

If you want to use Anghami more intensively and make some decent money, you should approach both your recordings and your marketing as professionally as possible. Don't just think of followers and plays. Think of producers, publishers and other industry insiders who regularly use Anghami to discover new artists and buy new tracks for their own productions.

The more professional your music and account are on Anghami, the greater the chance of attracting the attention of the major players. Buying a large number of Anghami plays helps you do this, because your statistics are not only accessible to you; they are also displayed to users, followers and interested parties.

It may be that a producer or talent scout is following you, but is watching your progress unnoticed in the background. You should therefore make sure that all your Anghami marketing is always aimed at impressing your fans and potential clients or investors. In general, uploading your own music and making it available via streaming services is currently considered to be the most viable entry route into today's music industry.

Needless to say, it's not just Anghami you can do this with. But if Anghami is right for you, it can be a great way to launch your career. This is where you'll find a lively and cosmopolitan audience that welcomes the fact that artists' music is distributed legally rather than via pirated copies.

To communicate with this audience, a basic knowledge of English is an advantage. Nonetheless, Anghami marketing is also becoming increasingly important for German-speaking bands and performers, because the number of followers in Germany is also rising steadily.

Anghami plays can be purchased from us in packages tailored to suit your needs and budget. They are for registered Anghami users only. These can have a positive effect on your account status and consequently on your ranking, but are otherwise undetectable.