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Anghami Follower

You're probably already aware of Anghami as a major music streaming service. But did you also know that the platform is constantly developing and offering new features, making it more and more popular as a social network? For example, it is now possible to publish stories on Anghami and use them as part of your marketing strategy.

The concept is similar to that of other networks. A story in Anghami consists of a song that you share with friends and followers for exactly 24 hours. The story then disappears from your profile. Stories can be used to add important information to your status, because your story can tell your followers exactly what's going on for you right now.

To successfully integrate stories into your Anghami marketing mix, you should ...

  1. ... select a track that reflects a particular mood or emotion. This could be, but does not have to be, a self-composed track. The effect is much greater if you manage to link your songs to certain moods, because this increases the chance that other users will choose them to express a similar feeling in their story.
  2. ... have a lot of followers to whom you can tell this story and who will then send it to other users. You can easily check who exactly has seen your story.

As an artist or music producer, you probably won't find it difficult to choose the right music tracks for your stories. If you want to make the story even more expressive, you can also upload a matching profile picture, which will be displayed together with the story.

However, it is proving increasingly difficult to attract followers on Anghami. This is true for new users as well as for accounts that already have hundreds or even thousands of followers. The reason lies in the algorithm that constantly upgrades or downgrades users and their profiles.

If nothing has happened on your profile for a while, your ranking will drop. Stories are a good way to bring your account back to life. But they are also a means to an end, because the ultimate goal is to gain more followers. If you don't have enough followers due to a collapse in your ranking, or if the number is not sufficient for an impressive profile, you can buy followers from us.

A good moment to buy Anghami followers is in the days before the release of a story and immediately afterwards. Buying followers beforehand means that potential followers who are attracted to your profile by your story will see that you already have a lot of followers, which in turn will encourage them to follow you.

This applies equally to listeners, producers, talent scouts and other musicians, who will then try to find out why your profile has already attracted so many followers. The best followers to have are other musicians, because they bring along their own fans with similar tastes. This is a good opportunity to generate more followers organically.

It is also a good idea to buy followers during or after the publication of a story, as these are the moments when your community will expand. After all, many people use social media because they love stories, emotions and humour that they can share with others.

If the number of your followers has increased in this way, both organically and through acquisitions, you can use the greater reach this gives you as a base for further marketing strategies. For example, visit the accounts of the Anghami members who follow you to get information about them, such as:

  • which other artists they follow.
  • how many friends they have.
  • what's on their playlists.
  • which are their favourite tracks.

Of course, you can only do this with users whose privacy settings allow it. In addition, try interacting with followers by sharing a like or playlist wherever and whenever possible. But don't be pushy, just behave as if you were a normal user.

By interacting with your followers – and vice versa – you also become more visible to their friends. And since everyone trusts their friends more than anyone, it is only natural that this will lead to a further increase in your follower numbers.

Are you starting to feel euphoric just reading about these opportunities to gain new fans of your music on Anghami? That’s good, because all networking relies on drive and energy. And it has to be natural and organic, not forced or artificial. A successful marketing strategy is like a well prepared meal, where all the ingredients are put together with love and care.

Nevertheless, we must also add that, on Anghami as on other networks, growth is never guaranteed. Every profile has its ups and downs. But don't get discouraged. It's normal and happens to many.

After all, you now have the knowledge you need to boost your profile by buying Anghami followers. As an experienced social media agency, we work exclusively with registered users, whom we will assign to your account as soon as you've placed your order.

Order online and make a fresh start tomorrow. Start creating stories right away. Upload songs and publish new playlists to make your account more active. The rest is done by simply adding the required number of followers to your account.

How many followers should you buy? Base your order on the number of followers you already have. An increase of about ten to thirty percent is realistic if you connect it to a special post on Anghami. If you need a larger number of followers, you should place repeated orders at regular intervals.