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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Amazon Music

Amazon is the world's biggest Internet company by revenue. Amazon Music, on the other hand, still has some way to go. If you want to use the group's platform for your music marketing, don't rely solely on the power of the name. Promote your music in a targeted way in order to receive as many plays as possible.

The Amazon Music app is available in different price ranges and with different options. If you already have a Prime account with Amazon, you will also have some access to music titles. If you want complete access to the music database and to features such as the live broadcast of Bundesliga matches, you have to pay extra, namely €7.99 per month for an existing Prime membership and €9.99 per month for an Amazon Music Unlimited Account without Prime membership (as of 02/2019).

In view of the 50 million music titles available, this is certainly not a bad deal for music lovers. But for marketing purposes, it means that you have to compete against world-class artists. You will therefore only earn money on Amazon Music if you succeed in creating a large number of plays. And this is problematic.

Because anyone who knows Amazon knows that it uses a lot of recommendation marketing, as in "customers who bought A were also interested in B". It is therefore almost impossible for beginners, and all those whose music titles have not yet been purchased, to make it to the shortlist just via their own marketing efforts on the platform.

One solution to this dilemma is to buy plays over a period of time. These automatically end up in the buyer's music library. If this happens in large numbers, it will have two positive effects on your marketing:

  • Amazon Music's algorithm will register that your music has been purchased and streamed and will upgrade your ranking accordingly.
  • Your track(s) will be displayed to everyone linked to the buyer's account and to people with similar musical interests.

So the simple and cost-effective strategy of buying plays increases your ranking and reach, opening up the wide world of Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music Prime, without your having to implement an intensive marketing campaign.

Of course, fame and fortune don't happen overnight. On the contrary, like every entrepreneur and start-up, you have to invest. You may receive a small amount from Amazon as payment for your plays, but in the long run such plays will not make much difference. In order for your purchase of plays to pay off, further measures are required.

As a general principle, it is important to consider whether you have just started on Amazon or whether you have been marketing your music there more or less successfully for some time. It's actually easier for newcomers to get started by buying plays, as apps and streaming services usually assign new artists to a "new artists" category, a kind of neo-natal unit where you'll benefit from extra care. If your music gets lots of plays right after release (because you bought them), there is a good chance that you will move up to the top of this category.

But if you have been doing Amazon Music marketing for some time, and the plays still haven't appeared, don't worry. It takes time. It just goes to show how much money and time is needed today to make progress. Amazon Music Marketing is no different. You need to work hard on the basics. This includes understanding the system of curation (recommendation marketing, see above) so that you know why certain music titles are recommended more often than others. And part of that is that you don't wait to be discovered by chance, but pull all the levers you can to make your music known and get it played.

Your Amazon Music marketing strategy should therefore be based on different pillars. Make sure that your profile on Amazon is appealing, that customers can get a first impression of the person or band behind the music. Use social media by talking about your everyday life as a musician and linking to your tracks from time to time.

Have you already found a music publisher who can help you market yourself on Amazon Music? If not, do some research. Just as with book publishers, there are music publishers who work hard for their clients and others who don't.

It can also make sense not only to offer your own music for streaming, but also to produce CDs and DVDs and to sell live recordings of your concerts. You can commission either a recording studio or a music publisher to do this. Or you can act as a self-publisher and take over the distribution yourself, for example by adding your own shop to your website.

In short there is a variety of ways to promote yourself on Amazon Music rather than waiting for the music editors to get in touch with you. Ultimately, however, everything depends on making your music visible so that as many people as possible can hear it.

If your career has stalled because your tracks have not produced a sufficient number of Amazon Music plays, we recommend that you buy plays. That way you will increase awareness of your music and have enough time to devote to marketing yourself on other platforms as well. And of course to spend time doing what you do best: writing and recording music.

You can buy Amazon Music plays online from us. The plays are guaranteed to come from real Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Prime accounts that we operate for these purposes as a professional multimedia and online marketing agency. Simply send us your order and we will arrange for the plays to be assigned to your tracks straightaway.